Exploit Dead Dolphins in Newzealand

 dead dolphinsWhat happened in New Zealand tragedy shocked the whole world. Recall, 400 long-finned pilot whale (sometimes also called the “Black Dolphin”) washed ashore. Some of the animals were rescued, but most of them died. Soon, about 11 km from the site of mass suicides in the second part of the tragedy took place: on the edge of the emissions of more than 200 pilot whales. Interestingly, some of these animals have been previously stored in mammals.
Locals do better for the animals affected. Now, however, the New Zealand authorities recommend to be extremely cautious with corpses, as in the process of decomposition gasses that accumulate in them, and this can lead to an explosion. “They swell under the action of bacteria in the stomach, intestine becomes tightly inside the channel, and because of this animal will explode” – say in the Department of Environmental Protection in New Zealand. Now experts corpses gases pumped by special needles. Explosions sometimes occur, but so far none of them will not cause any harm to people.
Authorities can also protect the animals killed by a fence to prevent water from entering their bodies is carried out in a direction close to the beaches. When a security problem is solved, another arises: What to do with the corpses of black dolphins? Experts believe that the most sensible thing would be to take them to a special area and to bury them.
Long-finned pilot whale – a fairly large animal. Males can reach a length of 8.5 m, and its weight is sometimes almost 4000 kg. Dolphins live in packs, which can reach 1,000 people. They feed mainly on mollusks pilot whales and fish.
The main question, of course, the reasons for this tragedy. But scientists can not yet give a definitive answer. Some experts believe that the death of the animals is linked with the work of the courts, the military speakers. They caused disorientation leader group, leading to other trapped animals.

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