Yellowstone is a Sea of Coal

CoalGeophysics, France and the UK have discovered a giant carbon sea in the western United States. For the study of carbon in the sea in the world’s largest super volcano, scientists used sensors 583 largest in the world.

They measured the vibrations inside the planet to determine the depth of the composition of its layers. The reservoir with the carbon dissolved in the mantle, lies at a depth of 350 km Continue reading “Yellowstone is a Sea of Coal”

Exploit Dead Dolphins in Newzealand

 dead dolphinsWhat happened in New Zealand tragedy shocked the whole world. Recall, 400 long-finned pilot whale (sometimes also called the “Black Dolphin”) washed ashore. Some of the animals were rescued, but most of them died. Soon, about 11 km from the site of mass suicides in the second part of the tragedy took place: on the edge of the emissions of more than 200 pilot whales. Continue reading “Exploit Dead Dolphins in Newzealand”

Scientists said that Octopuses are Alien

Octopuses >AlienAmerican scientists from the University of Chicago conducted extensive research and said that octopuses have the alien DNA. Octopus studies showed that its genome has an incredible level of complexity. 33000 contain DNA octopus protein-coding genes that significantly exceeds the number of genes in the human body. Continue reading “Scientists said that Octopuses are Alien”