The predictions of Nostradamus for 2017

02 Jan

The predictions of NostradamusWith the start of the main holiday season, many have begun to discuss the prediction of the legendary French astrologer Nostradamus that awaits humanity in 2017.

According to open sources, Nostradamus predicted that light is a kind of an ugly child, whose birth will mark the beginning of the dark ages. Darkness comes of it – people in turbans cause World War III, which will affect many of the large states – including Russia. However, according to Nostradamus in 2017 the war ended.
In addition to the rivers of blood spilled in battle will be other consequences – in particular, the testing of a new type of chemical weapon will lead to serious skin diseases. People will move to the north. Then, as predicted, the “cradle of civilization” is Russian – the surviving population of Europe was established in Siberia.
Mankind and suffer from natural disasters: in the beginning of the year will be heavy rain, filling the European country. The Czech Republic, Hungary and the UK will lose part of its territory – will disappear under water.
As Nostradamus thought it was Russia in 2017 will address global problems and to resolve conflicts. Nevertheless, the threat of war with the United States.
Also known scientist associated in 2017 with the advent of the global economy – in his prophecy, this will involve improving the storage of solar energy uses.

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