Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base

alien basePhotography enthusiasts continue to explore distant planets and finding suggests that the Martian satellite – Phobos, has a huge database of aliens.

However, this is not a new discovery, and the existence of a mysterious monolithic satellites of Mars – Phobos, announced in 2009, the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who insisted on the need to study the mysterious structure of a satellite of Mars – Phobos, which is much-said monoliths as some unusual geometric shapes.

When asked what this building and it has built, he believes that you have built the universe. An interesting statement from a man who came to the second surface of the moon.

strong statements of previous years, and is one of the fans, they decided to see a strange object, the more so because there were new photos taken December 6, 2016 year.

Monolith Aldrin said it was a big one. Mars satellite – Phobos, is small, only 11 kilometers, and therefore construction with a diameter of 2 km from the giant structure on its surface.

The researchers note that photos NASA deliberately distorted and retouching of Mars – Phobos satellite, in which a mysterious monolith. What they want to hide from the public and why hide from the people, the presence of artificial structures? This question is still unanswered, and…

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