Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base

alien basePhotography enthusiasts continue to explore distant planets and finding suggests that the Martian satellite – Phobos, has a huge database of aliens.

However, this is not a new discovery, and the existence of a mysterious monolithic satellites of Mars – Phobos, announced in 2009, the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who insisted on the need to study the mysterious structure of a satellite of Mars – Phobos, which is much-said monoliths as some unusual geometric shapes.

When asked what this building and it has built, he believes that you have built the universe. An interesting statement from a man who came to the second surface of the moon. Continue reading “Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base”

Where is the Julian calendar?

Julian calendarDid you know that the Julian calendar was created by order of Julius Caesar, where it was named in memory? It was in Rome’s arbitrary interpretation of programming (priests – pontiffs had the right to impose additional months) has led to the fact that in BC ’46 seasons coincide with the corresponding months. There is a need for a renovation.

In this sense, in the name of Caesar, a group of mathematicians and astronomers from Alexandria, who has created a cycle of one year, composed of 365 to 25 days, and is determined by the number of days that fall in each month. In order to bring the year to a whole number – 365, it had to stretch in February, so every four years, this month received one more day. At the same time, the Romans are not added on February 29 as it is now, we do, but only repeated on February 24. Continue reading “Where is the Julian calendar?”

The Australian had a fight with a kangaroo

KangarooCase occurred in Australia, wherever a gaggle of hunters with dogs searching a board, however at some purpose, the dog that was taken to the track, collided with a kangaroo, United Nations agency grabbed a dog’s neck.

The owner of the dog, the automobile stopped and ran to rescue a dog and a Kangaroo standing in fighting cause. What’s happening was sort of a match and a person hit within the face with a marsupial. Kangaroo such impudence was Continue reading “The Australian had a fight with a kangaroo”