The earth rises a giant super moon

15 Nov

BIG MOONMoon this November and December, during the full moon will appear unusually large due to the closest approach to the Earth, the Moon will be the November record high over the past 68 years.

Supermoon – this astronomical phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the moment of closest approach the Moon and the Earth and the moon appears 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual. The moon at this point looks like a huge glowing ball as Earth passes closest to the point of its orbit – perigee. The Earth perigee moon is to the planet by about 50 thousand kilometers closer than when he passes the most distant point – the apogee.

Such fluctuations in the distance between the Moon and Earth are connected with the fact that the satellite’s orbit is elliptical.

This Supermoon will be the second in 2016 – the previous similar phenomenon occurred on October 16, and the next sunrise unusually large moon will occur on December 13.

The November supermoon, according to the calculations of astronomers, is the largest of the trio, and in addition to this, it will be the biggest super-Moon since 1948, and the brightest moon until 2034.

The December Supermoon is interesting in that the bright light of the moon, as the calculations show astronomers from NASA, obscure a meteor shower Gemini’s, which will illuminate the night sky of Earth is just the second week of December. Because of this, the brightest cosmic fireworks are barely visible for lovers of celestial observations.

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