The body of a strange animal

11 Nov

strange animalA strange shaggy animal of large size and beak nose washed up on the coast near the village Ilinskoe on Sakhalin. After the publication of the photo expressed many versions about the origin of the animal, but scientists have put an end to the dispute, saying that it was the remains of ordinary dolphin.

It is the skeleton of a dolphin. Definitely. This is indicated by the break. There is nothing unusual in this, since the dolphins and whales beaching themselves periodically, including in Sakhalin. In a few cases it was last year.

This year is the first time for me personally. At least one photo is no longer sent. Incidentally, this area – in Lipinski – breaching dolphins and whales more often than in other places. Dolphin is almost decomposed, so that’s difficult now to determine the type so fast, but, judging by the beak, head and ribs, nothing unusual.

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