The Age of Aquarius

19 Nov

AgeSomewhere it stated in general terms, somewhere deeper, somewhere is trying to give his definition of classical science, or write about their feelings all sorts of psychics, many different interpretations, there are now another.

Most often, the beginning of the Aquarian age is associated with the arrival on earth of the new energies. Let us try to understand what kind of energy, as they are new, and how they affect us.

Let us imagine a flashlight, which instead of a simple, transparent glass is red. Enable it, and our flashlight all begins to illuminate in red. Now let’s change the glass in the blue, turn – a flashlight shines blue.

Has a flashlight to shine a new light? Yes and no. Anyone who does not know that we changed the glass decides that a new light, and he will be right, because the characteristics and quality blue light different from red. The same, who knows about glass replacement, will understand that the source of light remains the same, and a light came from him before, and now this goes, has changed only the filter, which retains some of the light of the quality and skips another. So, this man decides, light itself is not changed, only the changed part of it passed through the filter, and also be right.

And now imagine that our flashlight illuminated with red light for a long time with a variety of greenhouse plants. It lasted so long that plants had to adapt perfectly to such coverage. They adjust their organisms is under a red light, and all the processes they go exactly with his participation. But suddenly, one day, someone took and changed the blue glass that happens to plants? I think everyone will agree with me that the vast majority of the plants will die. And that who do survive, life is unenviable. Hard to have to adapt to them.

What can we do to keep more plants? Only one way out, gradually replace the filter of red, blue. First, small particles, then for more, then more, until it will change the entire filter. Of course, the plants will not be easy, but it’s not all parts of the plant organism are oriented at a red light, there are those who eat from the pure light source, and a part of pure light always leaks through any filters. Based on this part, the plants gradually rebuilt its entire body under the blue light.

That’s about the same with people.

So what impact new energy? Here it is necessary to recall a bygone era of Pisces, and the symbol of this constellation. The two fish swimming in opposite directions, the spins associated with each other. So try these fish, we tried to go each his own way, building up skills, resourcefulness, muscles, just to win over. Any progress seemed to them a great success, they did not notice, that are connected with each other, which are all connected with each other and with everyone.

They talked about it, but who would believe him, when all around convinced of the opposite. And now, under the influence of new energies Fish began to realize that in fact they will not float that to go somewhere, you have to coordinate with others. Of course, most fish is still considered a convulsive twitching on the ground by this swimming, but they will soon see and understand that this voyage, it is quite another.

New light increasingly illuminates the world, and in it, at first vague, but clearer and clearer picture emerges a real and new horizon. And those who were previously Pisces know that it is time to become worry, it’s time to align their thoughts, desires and actions with the outside world.

Of course, at first, these waves will go to inconsistency, but gradually learn to coherence, will reach a resonance, and that’s when the result is many times exceed the wildest expectations of the former Pisces.

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