Ten amazing discoveries

amazing discoveriesIn the world of science fiction may almost everything. However, as science fiction draws inspiration from science, and science often tries to realize a fantasy writers and directors. Here you will find dozens of stories from the world of science that could well form the basis for an extremely interesting sci-fi story. You will be very surprised, believe me.

iPhone troll
When the New Zealand professor Christophe Bartech received an email inviting him to submit a report on nuclear physics at a conference in the United States, he was a bit puzzled. Firstly, he is not versed in this science, and it has never been invited to speak in such a way before. However, he was not taken aback.He sat down and wrote the requested work innovative method: using iOS AutoFill. He just started every sentence with the word atomic or nuclear and gave the phone to fill in the rest.
The result is a work entitled Nuclear power is has been made available in a single source, which was approved in less than three hours, and the professor was offered verbally speak at the conference, despite the fact that the work was sheer nonsense. Bartech came to the conclusion that it was not a very good conference.
Fading star
Pulsar – a dense massive star that collapses into itself and emits radio magnetic impulses that scientists can detect. Researchers in the Netherlands studied J1906, relatively young pulsar and a half of a binary star system, for five years, trying to find out the composition of the companion star – J1906 is suddenly just disappeared.
… He hid inside the space-time distortions caused its orbit around a companion star. The mass companion has helped to create a kind of sink in the fabric of space and time, with the result that the axis J1906 moved and he sent his electromagnetic pulses. How effectively put an end to the study of the characteristics of the star, at least for now. Scientists expect that the pulsar can be seen again in 160 years.
Back in time
In quantum physics, closed time like curve – a concept stemming from Einstein’s theory of relativity. Long ago, scientists have suggested that it may open the door to a journey through time. In fact, this space-time loop. The ability to travel in a loop increases the likelihood of paradoxes, for example, a traveler could meet with the previous version of itself, and therefore this method of travel does not fit the current model at the time.

However, the Singapore scientists have recently done an incredibly rigorous mathematical calculation using open time-like curves to increase the computing power of a quantum computer, just sending the data packets back in time. Although the data are encrypted and technically do not interact with anything in the past, they are quantum entangled with a data system in the present, and the intricate correlations allow to get more processing power.
Complicated? Of course. But mathematics allows.
Three parent, one child
Mexican doctors with the help of American scientists recently invented an innovative method of getting rid of a genetic disease, transmitted from mother to child. The procedure, called mitochondrial donation includes cleanup from the nucleus of a donor egg, but leave the mitochondria intact. Then the core is replaced by the potential mother nucleus, mitochondrial DNA which would otherwise be transferred genetic defect.
The first child born using this method was spared from the inheritance Lee disease that negatively affects the development of the central nervous system. While the procedure is not allowed everywhere, but it is likely that it will pass all tests, it allowed.
Three of the sun, another planet
Astronomers have discovered and cataloged thousands of planets; many of them have qualities, which we have not seen in our solar system. But HD 131399ab 320 light-years away in the constellation Centaurs, it has qualities that we still do not see anywhere else. Being four times as massive as Jupiter, the giant explants’ orbit is particularly interesting: it is attracted by three sun.
Scientists have long believed that any planet in this position will either be broken or thrown out of orbit. Despite the fact that the planet is relatively young (16 million years), the fact that it survived at all, already amazing in itself. Astronomers continue to monitor the stability of its orbit. The planet has two long seasons, one of which alternate day and night (day and can be seen at once three of the sun), and the other one or more light always stand up, and the third is always the sunset.
The human brain
When 44-year-old Frenchman came to the doctor complaining of weakness in his left leg, he was prescribed to do a CT scan as usual. But the picture was something amazing.
As a child, he was diagnosed with fluid accumulation in the brain and up to 14 years, the Frenchman went to the shunt, after which it was removed. Apparently, the fluid continues to fill the cavity of the skull over the next 30 years, destroying his brain slowly.
Despite the fact that the man was quite healthy and functional adult, he was left with only ten percent of the brain. Scientists cannot explain how a man who has lost the majority of areas of the brain can function at all, let alone a normal life. It is assumed that the human brain is in a constant state of retraining and that some areas of the brain are responsible for specific functions can be much more flexible than previously thought.
Walking brewery
Not far from Buffalo, NY, in 2015, the police arrested a woman at the wheel, suspecting her of driving under the influence, and on a completely legitimate ground. When she stopped, her blood alcohol content was four times the legal limit. But when it appeared before the judge, the aggravating circumstances in the form of driving while intoxicated were completely swept away – it turned out, a woman’s body produces the alcohol itself.
This condition is known in our country as wandering bowel syndrome, in fact, never so fun as it may seem. Those who suffer from it must comply with rigorous diet as bread and other carbohydrates, most likely, will produce undesirable side effect – with the result that some patients pass drunk part and go directly to the terrible hangover. What is surprising is that the secret of his brewery woman knew it that day, when her lawyer shed light on its existence.
The Technical Research Centre of Finland is the prototype of a device that could be the future of urban farming. Cell Pod device resembles a lamp, small enough to fit on any kitchen shelf. All that he needs is undifferentiated plant cells in microscopic quantities. For a week the machine will print enough food for quite hearty.
Since the cells contain the genetic code for the whole plant and replicate only the most desirable part of the obtained substance is even more useful plants grown in a natural way. The researchers acknowledge that over the bland taste still need to work, but the possibility of future food production in poor or densely populated areas is amazing. The device can even produce quite edible things from the cells of some non-edible materials such as birch.
Telepathic machines
In 2014, US scientists have proved startling concept: using non-invasive brain stimulation, specially designed robot and the Internet, they allow the subject to send a simple mental message (eg hello), other test without any physical contact between them. If one was in India and the other in France.
The first subject is connected to the Internet with the support of EEG, I had to conceive the word, which is then translated into a binary code on a computer and sent to the robot, which has already delivered the message to the recipient. The recipient took the message as a flash of light that corresponds to a particular sends a message.
And although it is not a pure mind reading, it is a major breakthrough after ten years of research, which opens the door for further study. The results were repeated in 2015 by scientists at Washington University.

Life after death
The phenomenon of apparent death long been considered to be the area of pseudoscience. However, the largest study on this topic British scientists have the first evidence of the presence of consciousness in patients whose brain has ceased to function – collecting hundreds of testimonials from patients who have been able to accurately recall their surroundings and the events that occurred during clinical death.
In one of the most compelling cases of 57-year-old man remembered, I left my body and watched the efforts of doctors in its intensive care unit, describing specific events exactly as they happened. Most importantly, he remembered two beeps from the machine that beeps with a three-minute interval. These time intervals correspond exactly during which no brain activity have been reported.
Clearly, further research is required, and this phenomenon. But given the fact that the complete absence of brain activity from a medical point of view means death, this study is the strongest evidence that consciousness is, in one form or another, even after we die.

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