Jordan found an ancient tomb

26 Nov

ancient tombIn the Jordanian discovered an ancient tomb in a cave and two burial chambers. According to preliminary data, the discovery belongs to the Hellenistic / early Roman period. The find was made by chance stumbled on the tomb of the workers in the course of the project to expand the local sewage network and wastewater.

Large burial chamber contains the tomb of basalt stone, decorated with protruding etchings in the form of two lions’ heads, and the remains of human bones. The walls are painted with oil murals, which depict mythological scenes with figures of men and horses. Some of the frescoes partially eroded, but the majority remained intact, allowing scientists to get a better understanding of the funeral rites of the past. The second chamber contains two more rock tombs without any artifacts.

Also the frescoes visible image of vines. They are likely to belong to the Hellenistic / early Roman period. Found inscriptions and some artifacts in the tomb are being analyzed to determine a more accurate time frame when this tomb, and for whom was built.

Minister of Tourism and Antiquity Ennab Lin said that the excavation site is closed to visitors, in order to protect the integrity of the archaeological tombs and opportunities for big tests for more complete information about its importance.

The city was also mentioned in Arabic poetry as a unique place, which included theater, dating from II century BC, and the remains of a Byzantine church, whose architectural styles were later used during the Islamic era, and in particular, during the early period.

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