Archaeologists have found dozens of ancient tombs

mysterious tombsArchaeologists at the water channel reconstruction and border districts of Stavropol region found dozens of ancient tombs from different periods from the Early Bronze Age to the middle Ages.

It is now investigated eight mounds where found dozens of graves of the early, middle and late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, the Middle Ages, recorded economic systems of modern times, – said in a statement.

Under the mounds of a later period, archaeologists have found and uncovered the burial ritual, the age of which, according to preliminary estimates, is not less than 4,5 thousand years, it remains of people found, fragments of dishes and ritual devices, said the agency.

These mounds are particularly interesting in that in one place presents everything nomadic periods of our history, from the early Bronze Age to the Middle Ages ancient ancestors this place was chosen as a ritual cemetery and used as his all new tribes come here. Just how valuable new finds, archaeologists say it is not in a hurry, because the need to carefully study various specialists, including paleontologists, anthropologists, zoologists, said the agency.

On the basis of studies to be prepared for the administration of a single report to the Moscow Institute of Archaeology of the artifacts found are typical for the area and fit well into the overall concept of historical representations of the territory.

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