Historical references to the magic wand

 magic wandThe form in which it was used in Europe, is just one of the links in the whole system of magical devices.   Its prototype, of course, existed in ancient times; however, it is impossible to establish a direct link between the ancient ways of its application, and those we meet in Europe in the late Middle Ages.

By itself, this image has been known since ancient times archaeologists ancient rock paintings have been found, which show figures holding sticks, and subsequently, many Indo-European peoples portrayed their gods with various objects in their hands, symbolizing their power, and had stories about all sorts of magic wand. Continue reading “Historical references to the magic wand”

Jordan found an ancient tomb

ancient tombIn the Jordanian discovered an ancient tomb in a cave and two burial chambers. According to preliminary data, the discovery belongs to the Hellenistic / early Roman period. The find was made by chance stumbled on the tomb of the workers in the course of the project to expand the local sewage network and wastewater.

Large burial chamber contains the tomb of basalt stone, decorated with protruding etchings in the form of two lions’ heads, and the remains of human bones. The walls are painted with oil murals, which depict mythological scenes with figures of men and horses. Some of the frescoes partially eroded, but the majority remained intact, allowing scientists to get a better understanding of the funeral rites of the past. The second chamber contains two more rock tombs without any artifacts. Continue reading “Jordan found an ancient tomb”

U.S. discovered antibiotic resistant pathogenic fungi

 antibiotic resistantThe Centers for Control and Prevention of diseases (CDC) have spread about the registration of more than a dozen cases of infection with multiresistant strains of pathogens candidacies.

According to CDC experts, this is the first appearance of multiresistant strains of Candida auris in the country – from the first seven patients, four have already died. Resistance to a wide range of antifungal agents does not usually too dangerous disease is potentially fatal. Against them it does not help the traditional treatment based on using the echinocandin drugs or other antifungal.

The infection can affect the middle and inner ear, enters the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Continue reading “U.S. discovered antibiotic resistant pathogenic fungi”

Glass pyramids are found submerged in the Bermuda Triangle

Glass pyramids Bermuda Triangle.According to gigantic pyramids of glass would have been found submerged in the Bermuda triangle, would be constructions of legendary Atlantis?

These strange pyramid structures underwater at a depth of 609 meters were identified with the help of sonar according to oceanographer. Studies of other structures, such as currently in Japan, have allowed scientists to determine that the two giant pyramids, apparently made of something like thick glass, are truly impressive, each one of which is larger than the pyramid of Khufu in Egypt. Continue reading “Glass pyramids are found submerged in the Bermuda Triangle”

The Age of Aquarius

AgeSomewhere it stated in general terms, somewhere deeper, somewhere is trying to give his definition of classical science, or write about their feelings all sorts of psychics, many different interpretations, there are now another.

Most often, the beginning of the Aquarian age is associated with the arrival on earth of the new energies. Let us try to understand what kind of energy, as they are new, and how they affect us.

Let us imagine a flashlight, which instead of a simple, transparent glass is red. Enable it, and our flashlight all begins to illuminate in red. Now let’s change the glass in the blue, turn – a flashlight shines blue. Continue reading “The Age of Aquarius”

The earth rises a giant super moon

BIG MOONMoon this November and December, during the full moon will appear unusually large due to the closest approach to the Earth, the Moon will be the November record high over the past 68 years.

Supermoon – this astronomical phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the moment of closest approach the Moon and the Earth and the moon appears 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual. The moon at this point looks like a huge glowing ball as Earth passes closest to the point of its orbit – perigee. Continue reading “The earth rises a giant super moon”

Archaeologists have found dozens of ancient tombs

mysterious tombsArchaeologists at the water channel reconstruction and border districts of Stavropol region found dozens of ancient tombs from different periods from the Early Bronze Age to the middle Ages.

It is now investigated eight mounds where found dozens of graves of the early, middle and late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, the Middle Ages, recorded economic systems of modern times, – said in a statement. Continue reading “Archaeologists have found dozens of ancient tombs”

The body of a strange animal

strange animalA strange shaggy animal of large size and beak nose washed up on the coast near the village Ilinskoe on Sakhalin. After the publication of the photo expressed many versions about the origin of the animal, but scientists have put an end to the dispute, saying that it was the remains of ordinary dolphin.

It is the skeleton of a dolphin. Definitely. This is indicated by the break. There is nothing unusual in this, since the dolphins and whales beaching themselves periodically, including in Sakhalin. In a few cases it was last year. Continue reading “The body of a strange animal”

Ten amazing discoveries

amazing discoveriesIn the world of science fiction may almost everything. However, as science fiction draws inspiration from science, and science often tries to realize a fantasy writers and directors. Here you will find dozens of stories from the world of science that could well form the basis for an extremely interesting sci-fi story. You will be very surprised, believe me.

iPhone troll
When the New Zealand professor Christophe Bartech received an email inviting him to submit a report on nuclear physics at a conference in the United States, he was a bit puzzled. Firstly, he is not versed in this science, and it has never been invited to speak in such a way before. However, he was not taken aback. Continue reading “Ten amazing discoveries”

Abnormally high temperatures will soon

Abnormally high temperaturesAustralian scientists reported that the study of climate change conducted by them suggests that the concept of the norm shifts in the world. Because of global warming, growing all the time and temperature of what today is considered abnormally high record will soon become the norm.

Computer modeling suggests that the scope of the normal average monthly temperature and continued to shift annually. Continue reading “Abnormally high temperatures will soon”