Secrets of the Volgograd region

the Volgograd regionThe most exciting imagination are dug in 1874 tunnels with a total length of 150 meters convent. It is believed that once an underground passage passed under the bed of the Don, making it possible to move to the left bank. In one part of the cave, and now is the main shrine of the monastery – the rock on which prints have two hands and knees. According to tradition they belong here molivsheysya mother Arseny. It is believed that if the drop to this stone with prayer can heal from a variety of ailments and diseases.

Elton Lake owes its name to the golden-pink color of its waters. Al-fence-Hyp (in Russian pronunciation Elton) in Turkic means gold mine. Red and brine streams flowing into it was described by the famous naturalist Pallas in the XVIII century.

In the days of the Polovtsian khans this place was considered sacred. And to this day among the Kazakhs there is an pagan legend, according to which the lake water down the heavenly lord Tengri Khan, to extend the eternal youth. Legend did not emerge out of nowhere. Lake Mineralization is 200 – 500 g / l, which is 1.5 times higher than the concentration in the Dead Sea. The local mud and water to help cure diseases and prolong youth. Local resorts are unique in the whole of Russia. The area of the lake – 152 km2, and the shape close to a circle.

Why not just tell us about the caves in the stone-Brodsky Holy Trinity Monastery. For example, the oxygen concentration is higher than in the surrounding area, and the temperature in the winter and in the summer is 11 degrees. In addition, there is a legend that scientists found immured in the cells of the monastery mummy. Locals believe that once stayed in these caves Alexander Nevsky. And according to the old-timers and locals, formerly of the temple and other buildings of the monastery could go to the chalk caves, along the way passing even an underground stream.

There is a legend that all buildings Zarephath were linked by underground tunnels, and one of them with 25 kilograms of gold and jewels buried Krautvufta brewer’s daughter, whose body guard Ironclad.

According to another legend, a young German woman died in childbirth. But every night she came to her baby. The father of the child called pastor. Together they went to the nursery and saw-deceased mother feeding newborn feeding. Last pastor in the history of Zarephath Constantine Rush took the woman by the arm, led her slowly to the gate of the cemetery. More in Zarephath never met her.

At the end of the XVIII century the building of the club Glitch lived dynasty owners mustard plant with a similar name. Some believe that in our time, at night there supernatural phenomena occur. Old-timers periodically hear in the building, now a museum, the noise of beating utensils, heavy footsteps in the passage, and sometimes claimed to meet ghosts.

From Volgograd musical-dramatic theater is connected to the Cossack legend of Tsaritsyn merchant and his lost daughter.

The building was built in 1862 team of Tsaritsyno merchant timber merchant Alexander Shlykova for public use. According to one legend merchant Shlikov built this building in memory of drowned in the Volga daughter. On the fa├žade you can see the bas-relief image of the face of a young girl and an old man. It is believed that relief of the girl – a portrait of his daughter Shlykova, and the gray-haired old man on the front – the cruel god Poseidon water, to take away the daughter of his father. Ability to make some believe that ghosts live theater building merchant and his daughter.

During the fighting, the Battle of Stalingrad on the shore of the island soldiers showered notice to bare trunks of old guns. The barrel of one of them broke away, and out of it spilled treasure: earrings, bracelets, pearl rings, silver and gold items. Then suggested that this may be the treasure of Stenka Razin, who liked to hide valuables in the spoiled guns, scoring their trunks gags and burying at the banks of the Volga.

There are various legends about the name Babainskogo lake, located in the district of Alexeyev. In one of them, once on a lake inhabited by wondrous bird – women. They were very beautiful, but their voices were unpleasant, so hunters have plagued them, but the memory of the beauty of the birds remained in the name of lakes. According to another legend, during the Mongol-Tatar yoke of the Tartars led through these places a lot of Russian girls and women, but only from abuse, ill with the cold weather, many of them have become a burden to the troops of Khan, so he ordered to get rid of them. They collected all the sick and infirm, and drowned in the first of those caught reservoirs.

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