NASA scientists announced that the asteroid threat to Earth

NASA scientists NASA scientists have issued a statement in which earthlings have warned that at any time may be subject to Earth asteroid bombardment, and we learn about it only when an asteroid crashing the planet’s surface. Scientists say that currently there is no effective system of finding celestial bodies approaching the Earth.

 We must be prepared for the fact that the asteroids attack our planet at any time and completely unexpectedly – without warning.

Scientists simply are not able to warn of the danger in advance. Yes, science is able to see a certain number of large asteroids at a distance of up to 100 thousand light-years, but even if the outer body is discovered, science is not able to accurately calculate its flight path.

NASA cited as an example the famous fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which was a complete surprise for the space agencies of all countries. And such an event could happen again at any time. Moreover, if an asteroid will have a diameter of 1 kilometer, it will lead to catastrophic consequences for the entire human civilization. NASA noted that the Earth’s atmosphere every day gets up to 100 tons of various space objects, including small meteorites, cosmic dust and cosmic dust, and this makes the probability of detection of cosmic threats in advance, even more difficult. No technology can keep track of literally everything that falls to earth from outer space.

In summary we can say that in fact, NASA experts have removed all responsibility for any cataclysm that will occur through the fault of the deadly visitor from outer space.

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