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01 Oct

 Elise MullerOne of the most mysterious women mediums was Helen Smith, nee Catherine-Elise Muller. The woman claimed that not only see certain images, but can recall his past lives.

The girl, who unlike the other Catherine was born December 9, 1861 Martigny. From early childhood Katerina Eliza was a dreamy child, kept aloof with strangers, was fond of reading and drawing. After high school, she studies commerce. She was constantly visited by visions and plagued by various fears.

At the age of 30 she became interested in spiritualism, and participates in the sessions and shows himself as a strong medium.

During the session, it was transformed, falling into a trance. Her eyes opened wide, look rushed in space or pointless wandering.

At this point, dilated pupils Eliza did not respond to bright light, and his face turned into a lifeless mask. A few minutes later Eliza began to speak in the name of instilling in her spirit – Cagliostro, Marie Antoinette, Victor Hugo and other celebrities.

Her voice with quite varied, imitating those whose spirit embodied in it. Sometimes Elisa spoke in a normal voice, describing her visions are. In a trance Frau Muller communicate with only one of those present, answering his questions. The rest of the people do not exist for her.

When Eliza inspires Cagliostro, she got up, straightened proudly, and began to speak, majestic with his arms crossed. Her voice became loud and low, like a man, and pronunciation – like the Italian, with old revolutions. Questions Cagliostro replied familiarly, addressing the companion to you.

Another spirit inspires in the medium was Indian princess – daughter of an Arab sheik, and the eleventh wife of Prince Canary Islands, which in 1401 built a fortress Chandragiri.

– We have before us appeared as a true daughter of the East – recalled Theodore. – She sat on the ground with legs crossed; its solemn, full of religious feeling kneeling before unseen censer, reverently crossed his arms and bows triple gave the impression inimitable naturalness; melancholic tenderness of her songs, free flexibility of its serpentine movements – so varied facial expressions, characterized purely exotic character, all these movements were the imprint of originality and ease. Involuntarily there is confusion, where they could learn the woman, not knowing the East.

During sessions uttered words and phrases, which nobody understood. When they were recorded and turned to the experts, it turned out that she spoke in Sanskrit. Once in a trance Elisa wrote a few words in a strange language. Experts said Theodore eastern writing that this Arab proverb: A little friendship for many.

At the end of the session, to proclaim the three knocks on the table, Frau Muller gradually came to normal. It does not occur immediately – it was preceded by a few brief awakenings, alternating immersion in a dream. Came a woman does not remember what happened in a trance.

November 25, 1894 lost in a trance I saw Eliza at high altitude glare. Then she felt herself begin to rock.

Sample text on Martian language as presented by Helen Smith

It seemed to her that his head was empty and it was not the body. Some force was carrying her up. Then Frau Muller saw a beautiful bowl and was on its surface.

*Where I am? – She asked a friend’s spirit was next.

*On a planet called Mars, – he said.

Eliza began to describe their first impressions. She saw the carts without horses and wheels, which, gliding, scattered sparks; aircraft, similar to the coach-lamps; house with fountains of water on the roof; people who spoke a strange language, and health, giving each other the clicks in the nose; children sleeping in the cradle, which had curtains instead of iron angel with outstretched wings …

Almost during every trance began to visit Mars. Gradually, she learned to speak and write on the Martian. It turned out that one of the rulers of the planet, one Astane, in a past life lived on earth and was familiar with Simandini.

Once Eliza in society Astane attended the lush local festival. Wearing a dress with sequins (in its presentation – Martian), she went into a large square room, lit by lamps in the corners.

Everywhere hung a lot of decorative plants. Among the audience was a grove, surrounded by small shiny tables. Inside, the crowd thronged cheerful boys and girls, hairstyles which have rear view of pink, blue or green moth.

According to the sign filed Astane all sat down to clear the table with flowers. The two men put before the Martians square plates and forks without handles. Then they filed a strange-looking dish, but the taste of them turned out to be excellent. The holiday ended with dances and songs.

Even more strange things told Eliza to visit educational Martians home. The huge hall hung along the walls of cradle, reminiscent of changing tables. Each cradle lying child.

The hall went Martians with pets, having a broad flat head and almost hairless big kind eyes, like seals. Their large udder was invested in the square milking machine with a tube. Martians and then shoved a tube into the mouth to infants by feeding them milk.

In 1900 E.Smit receives financial support from some wealthy American woman leaves work and takes drawing lessons. In 1903, it is Jesus Christ, and at the same time the voice of the spirit of Leopold reported E.Smit that it should draw Jesus.

Since 1905 the artist creates paintings with religious content – images of Christ and the Virgin, 12 large-format works in oil paint on wooden boards. Draws it is usually the fingers and hands, rarely using a brush. In carrying out this work, Smith remained in the belief that they have a mystical origin.

In 1913, a psychologist at the Congress in Geneva, Ellen tells about his creative process as follows: In the days when I had to draw me awake in the early morning, between 5 and 6 hours loud banging three times on my bed. I get up and go to the web. Two steps up to it I include strange sensations, and I feel such a state as if asleep. Later, I know, that really slept since I notice on your fingers paint of different colors and at the same time I cannot remember to use it.

Unfortunately, the further life of Helen Smith is not known. She died June 10, 1929 in Geneva. The circumstances of her death remain unknown as well.

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