Planet X will destroy the solar system

Planet XPlanet X, this big, dark and cold pilgrim, according to astronomers, is now beyond the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, but when it is close, it will throw an attraction Uranus and Neptune beyond the solar system.

Since the first official reports about the existence of Planet X (scientists call it the ninth planet, astrophysicists reveal new details about what this means for the planet of the solar system itself.

New results of research teams of astronomers have shown that nothing good, this planet does not bode us. Planet X poses a real threat to all the planets of our solar system.

According to the calculations of astronomers, Planet X is very big, it is 10 times heavier than Earth, and is 4 times greater than its size. Making a complete revolution around the sun for 10-20 thousand. Years, it causes a serious anomaly in the motion of icy comets of the Kuiper Belt. A team of astronomers from the University of Warwick has modeled the impact of Planet X on other planets of the solar system.

Uranus and Neptune are under the influence of gravity of the planet will be ejected from the solar system and go on a journey across the galaxy. Of course the most important question is when this will happen a disaster, but it is the scientists to answer cannot. For this we need to find Planet X visually calculate its orbit and determine when she will be in our system.

Planet X is able to kill the solar system, and it is a fantasy of futurists, and has a proven scientific fact, researchers say.

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