How to lead a healthy lifestyle

lifestyleYou want as little as possible to get sick and live to a ripe old age? Then pay attention to their health and do everything possible to strengthen it. It may seem that a healthy lifestyle, working out and eating right, it is difficult, but it is not.

Proper nutrition

Foods containing large amounts of nutrients – the key to longevity and good health. Do not forget about this and do the emphasis on eating fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat. For breakfast, eat eggs, fruit and dairy products, eat lunch, vegetable soups, borscht. Ideal dinner – vegetable salad and boiled chicken with soy sauce, and for dessert – fresh juice or fruit.

Exclude from the diet of refined foods, fast food. Also, get rid of the habit of eating one’s fill. Get up from the table need not crowded stomach and belching, and with a slight feeling that you could eat something else. The diet may also be beneficial, but it is not necessary – there is need to act according to circumstances.

A few words about the delicacies

Eat right – does not mean to say goodbye with different goodies, without which we can not imagine life. If six days a week do you eat properly, there would be nothing wrong with that at the seventh eat cake or a slice of cake, especially if this dessert prepared with his own hands.


Do not spend the whole time sitting at a computer, or lying on the couch. Try to move more regularly happen on the air. In the morning, doing exercises and, if possible, go to the gym. Men are there to pump the biceps, lifting dumbbells and barbells, and women – to be engaged in fitness and aerobics.

Jogging – another good way to strengthen the body. Regular jogging normalizes sleep, increase efficiency, help to beat stress and remove fatigue accumulated during the day.

Moderate medication

We used to rely on the drug, taking magic pill at the slightest sign of malaise, headaches, aching joints. However, constantly taking analgesics – a big mistake. It is best to do first aid proper nutrition, rest and timely medication of plant origin.

The benefits of laughter

Under any circumstances, try to remain optimistic and laugh at the failures, rather than shed tears. Researchers found that people who are able to joke and laugh, others less susceptible to cardiovascular and other diseases. In addition, laughter helps to lighten the mood.

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