Chinese family has ’54 lives in a cave

Cave familyCouples from Sichuan province in southwest China zheivet in the real cave already in ’54 and did not want to leave his house, despite the entreaties of the authorities. Chapter Liang family already 81 years old, and his wife Lee Sween – 77. 54 years ago, got married, they were so poor that they could not afford to buy their own homes, and then they found out – to live in a natural cave, it is no wonder folk proverb – With sweet heaven in a tent!

Over the years, the couple turned the cave into quite a comfortable home, where there are 3 bedrooms, living room and kitchen, and even subsistence farming as a pigsty. The cave has a fan and a TV that was not hot and it was something to do in the quiet family evenings.

Previously there was no TV in the family, but they were born four children. Local authorities after the publication in the media, tried to convince a married couple to move to live in the city, in comfortable accommodations with all the amenities, but the wife of the offer flatly refused, he and good here, especially because in the past in ’54, this cave became their most real house.

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