All of humanity speaks the same language

All of humanity However remember the story of the Tower of Babel, before the construction of which all people were talking the same language, but the angry gods, lost this ability for good. An international team of scientist’s linguists that included representatives of the United States, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland and the Netherlands carried out extensive research and come to a sensational conclusion – all the people speak the same language!

In their study, the researchers by means of specially created for the study of the problem programs, analyzed the 100 basic words in 3700 different languages, representing 62% of all existing in our world languages.

The results showed that all languages have common roots hidden in the world. For basic words, people regardless of their origin and place of residence, choose the same sounds.

This property is universal to all mankind, and therefore, the connection between the sound of a word and its meaning is not random, as previously thought. People use the same pronunciation sounds for their basic words.

Why this happening is and what is the reason – scientists do not yet know, and put forward their suggestions that this property helps children learn important words at the beginning of life – these sounds help children master the language. It may manifest features of the human mind and the way people interact with each other.

So can the legend of the Tower of Babel become the reason that people no longer speak the same language, not such a legend? Maybe some higher power really make a change in the mind (brain) people, which led to the loss of ability to communicate in the same language, but people were indications once existed a common language of communication and not just him and the scientists found.

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