Stephen Hawking-Humans must find aliens

AlianFamed astronomer physicist believes that the inhabitants of the world isn’t necessary to form contact with potential extraterrestrial civilizations, and their search ought to be conducted so as to realize time and conceal.

In his new program within the portal Curiosity Stream mortal told regarding Break through project: hear look for extraterrestrial intelligence, that he oversees, the instance of the exoplanet Gliese 832 c, set within the constellation of Grus, reports Cnet. Continue reading “Stephen Hawking-Humans must find aliens”

Mysterious ancient town of Tel Hasan

Mysterious ancient townIn Syria, wherever antecedent was placed in geographical region, the Russian archaeologists have found a singular painting town, maybe the oldest within the world. Residents have preserved it till higher times, as if hoping therefore to pass some valuable data to future generations.

Tigris and river has invariably attracted the eye of archaeologists and historians from round the world. this is often not stunning, because it was here, believed to be regarding 6000 years past there was the primary civilization:. Continue reading “Mysterious ancient town of Tel Hasan”

Star aliens become even more mysterious

Russian and American stargazers have found new peculiarities in the conduct of the star KIC 8462852, whose occasional Flicker and unexplained drop in brilliance were some way or another associated with some undetectable structures or protests in its circle.

In mid-October 2015, cosmologists from Yale College, told about the uncommon vacillations in the splendor of the star KIC 8462852 in the heavenly body Cygnus, the quality of the sparkle which twice dropped by right around a quarter in the most recent 7 years. This flicker interestingly brought up the likelihood of the nearness in the region of its supposed Dyson circles, star catcher vitality made by over improvement development outsiders. Continue reading “Star aliens become even more mysterious”

How to lead a healthy lifestyle

lifestyleYou want as little as possible to get sick and live to a ripe old age? Then pay attention to their health and do everything possible to strengthen it. It may seem that a healthy lifestyle, working out and eating right, it is difficult, but it is not.

Proper nutrition

Foods containing large amounts of nutrients – the key to longevity and good health. Do not forget about this and do the emphasis on eating fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat. For breakfast, eat eggs, fruit and dairy products, eat lunch, vegetable soups, borscht. Ideal dinner – vegetable salad and boiled chicken with soy sauce, and for dessert – fresh juice or fruit. Continue reading “How to lead a healthy lifestyle”

All of humanity speaks the same language

All of humanity However remember the story of the Tower of Babel, before the construction of which all people were talking the same language, but the angry gods, lost this ability for good. An international team of scientist’s linguists that included representatives of the United States, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland and the Netherlands carried out extensive research and come to a sensational conclusion – all the people speak the same language!

In their study, the researchers by means of specially created for the study of the problem programs, analyzed the 100 basic words in 3700 different languages, representing 62% of all existing in our world languages. Continue reading “All of humanity speaks the same language”

Chinese family has ’54 lives in a cave

Cave familyCouples from Sichuan province in southwest China zheivet in the real cave already in ’54 and did not want to leave his house, despite the entreaties of the authorities. Chapter Liang family already 81 years old, and his wife Lee Sween – 77. 54 years ago, got married, they were so poor that they could not afford to buy their own homes, and then they found out – to live in a natural cave, it is no wonder folk proverb – With sweet heaven in a tent! Continue reading “Chinese family has ’54 lives in a cave”

Scientists have officially declared the beginning of a new geological era

eraThe group of experts working within the framework of the International Commission on Historiography, officially announced this week the launch of a new geological era – the Anthropocentric, the age of mankind, as the scientists reported at the International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

The distinguishing feature of the Anthropocentric is that our collective action began to dominate the work of all the planet’s ecological mechanisms In fact, the Earth. Continue reading “Scientists have officially declared the beginning of a new geological era”

Planet X will destroy the solar system

Planet XPlanet X, this big, dark and cold pilgrim, according to astronomers, is now beyond the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, but when it is close, it will throw an attraction Uranus and Neptune beyond the solar system.

Since the first official reports about the existence of Planet X (scientists call it the ninth planet, astrophysicists reveal new details about what this means for the planet of the solar system itself. Continue reading “Planet X will destroy the solar system”