Aliens are good, bad or indifferent?

Bad alliensHow can we treat the brothers on reason when arrive on Earth? The Drake equation was derived by astronomer Frank Drake in the middle of the last century in an attempt to count the number of civilizations in our galaxy.

The first factor in the equation – the estimated number of stars in our galaxy – 200 billion. The second – the number of planets orbiting each star. A couple of other factors determine how many of these planets originated life, a couple of – what part of that is a sensible life, able to communicate with us. And finally, as a civilization will exist until it disappears or is not self-destruct.

If the resulting figure is only 5%, this means that in the universe there may be thousands, even millions of civilizations.The last half-century, almost all the components of the equation are unknown. But today’s data, in particular, about the planets (their quantity and composition), revolving around other stars, scientists once again forced to wrestle in countless attempts to find out the truth about aliens.

Whales are smarter than us?

But first on the work of other. One of the most well-known projects in the search for aliens is perhaps the American project of the same name search for extraterrestrial intelligence» SETI Institute. For forty years, this group of scientists from San Francisco listened intently at the sky, trying to capture the alien message. And at the same time looking for ways to communicate with the green men in the event that they wish to visit us. A scientist from the group Lawrence Doyle convinced that it is necessary to first understand their intellectual level to communicate with them. To do this, he needs to learn how to communicate in principle all living beings.

 No one has ever engaged in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, all were looking for extraterrestrial technology – quoted a scientist company National Geographic. – We plan to seek the mind by understanding the laws of communication. Then, taking the signals, we can distinguish the communication from the usual astrophysical processes separate communication sounds from the usual noise.

To do this, Doyle uses the so-called information theory. It was designed to determine the amount of information transmitted over telephone lines. The scientist uses it to analyze the complexity of the language. The higher the difficulty, the more perfect the mind. Any extraterrestrial communication, in his opinion, should obey the rules of this theory. Without this transfer of information is impossible. And if we can measure the complexity of communication, we will be able to determine how highly their society.

However, even if Doyle will detect the signal and then determine its complexity – to understand its meaning, he never could. The same problem arises when we try to communicate with other animals. After all, if you smile at the wolf, he, in theory, should regard it not as your sympathy for him, and as a warning sign of a fight. But chimps understand your smile as an indication that you’re afraid of her. And what if the stranger smile?..

Despite all this, Doyle worked not in vain. He found that the monkeys third level of communication system and dolphins – fourth (English in this system of increasing complexity refers to the ninth level). As a result, a scientist now is in doubt: who – or human-dolphin is the best candidate to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, he discovered the world being, the level of communication that is much higher. These humpback whales, they have the most complex communication system, perhaps even the entire planet. Research Doyle is in the initial stage, it is only studying social cues whales.

They would have to come up with

 Alien – is a perfect image of the other, which people create their own for reflection and awareness of themselves, – said the famous St.  It is a white field for the projections, tabula rasa for the fantasies that may say a lot about us. After all, how do you imagine your other, characterizes you yourself and your inner world. What do you expect from the aliens? Attacks? Admonition? Experience? Friendship? Mentoring? All this shows how he, who is also someone, aspires to be. In the book Mass psychology and self-analysis Sigmund Freud said that every human life is a friend who can perform the function of the sample, or the opponent’s assistant.

 Fantasies about aliens give us the best proof of this thesis: people tend to create you or a friend (brother in mind, the ability to share their knowledge and experience) or the opponent (like Alien by Ridley Scott, the opponent, who is competing with human nature and intellect) or sample to follow. To help this myth comes futurology, which describes the way the aliens as a goal toward which our own evolution, they are – a more advanced form of Homo sapiens … millions of years people will look exactly the same: a well-developed brain, big eyes, small mouth, atrophied teeth, elongated fingers … the civilization of people do exactly the same humanoid what we today imagine aliens.

Aliens – are we

That’s what the other said the St. Petersburg specialist – social psychologist and author of everything goes – the integral perception of reality.

Now, science has come to the fact that our entire universe is subject to the general laws of nature, which are closely related and intertwined. The technique of integral perception of reality, which I do, describes all of reality as a single living organism, where all the phenomena that exist in nature, carry out certain functions. This function is a backbone element. Simply put, all that is, any object or phenomenon does not exist by itself, and performs a particular task. For example, if we look at a cloud, examine it; we notice that it is composed mostly of water, which periodically falls to the ground.

Thus, it is possible to detect clouds function as restoring the water balance of the planet, up to life support the entire ecosystem. Similarly, we can look at anything or phenomenon in the world and in the universe. Everything is a part of it. This is observed at all levels of nature: on the still level, the plant, animal and human. Where the nature of each successive level includes the previous one. Just like nesting dolls. Even societies built on the natural principle of a single organism in which every single person, group of people, culture, technology and humanity as a whole and perform certain functions. This is due to a congenital property and acquired (the mentality, culture, and so on. D.).

The aggressors or missionaries

 Aliens – a good way to unconsciously hang on him our own projections, which expelled. .. For example, aggressions, fear, love, etc. Nevertheless, extraterrestrials, of course, there may even reach us regardless of what we think about it, whether we like it or not – says psychologist psychotherapist Anna Allodia. – Assuming that aliens exist and be able to get to the planet Earth, respectively, of their development level should be much higher than ours. If start from this, it can be assumed that in order to reach such heights in the development of technical progress, they would have to sacrifice something. For example, their desire (libido, instincts), because the development of culture and civilization of these drives are always suppressed. Otherwise it is impossible to have any cultural or technological achievements. People, like animals, to care only about the survival and procreation. This requirement of technical progress, the consequences of development of the brain and thinking.

Energy costs, so we can assume that such a serious level of civilization can destroy some spiritual part of those beings that have come to this need were to technical progress. That’s why to us, these creatures may have an interest. Perhaps to some degree invasive.

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