Yellowstone River was closed to the public due to the mass death of fish

Yellowstone Plot Yellowstone river length 294 km, as well as hundreds of kilometers of the surrounding rivers and streams, were closed to the public due to the mass death of fish. The ban applies to fishing, rafting, swimming, boating and other activities as long as the scientists do not establish the cause of environmental disaster.

According to representatives of the Department of fisheries, wildlife and parks of Montana (MFWP) as of August 19, on the coast of the river it was discovered more than 5,000 dead fish. The Department noted that the total number of dead fish is estimated at tens of thousands. Continue reading “Yellowstone River was closed to the public due to the mass death of fish”

Global warming has opened a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Natural warmingFor several centuries, many powers have tried to find the Northwest Passage – a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Many sailors paid with their lives for this search.

The passage in the end found, however due to the Arctic ice was little suited to navigation. But the situation has changed in recent decades. The area of the Arctic ice cover is shrinking so rapidly that the Northwest Passage is close to becoming fully navigable. Continue reading “Global warming has opened a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean”

In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes

8000 LakesAt first glance, the bright blue spots on a white sheet of Antarctica – a great illustration of the beauty of nature. However, scientists warn that melt ponds in abundance seen in the Antarctic are writing on the wall.

Almost 8000 dazzling blue lakes appeared on the glacier Langhovde in East Antarctica from 2000 to 2013. Newly appeared reservoirs may be a sign that the glacier is doomed. The same lake are observed in Greenland that melts at a much higher rate. Continue reading “In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes”

Yellowstone volcano preparing to erupt?

Yellowstone volcano In Yellowstone recorded high concentrations of CO2 that can talk about the imminent eruption of the super volcano. Satellite images show that a large amount of carbon dioxide released into the area of the volcano. High CO2 levels in the vicinity of the volcanoes are usually harbingers of imminent eruption, as a sign of the rise of pressure deep beneath the earth’s surface.

In addition, there has been a surge in seismic activity in Wyoming and near the caldera super volcano. Yellowstone last erupted 70,000 years ago, but the recent surge in seismic activity around the world, could accelerate in the depths of its caldera. Continue reading “Yellowstone volcano preparing to erupt?”

Aliens are good, bad or indifferent?

Bad alliensHow can we treat the brothers on reason when arrive on Earth? The Drake equation was derived by astronomer Frank Drake in the middle of the last century in an attempt to count the number of civilizations in our galaxy.

The first factor in the equation – the estimated number of stars in our galaxy – 200 billion. The second – the number of planets orbiting each star. A couple of other factors determine how many of these planets originated life, a couple of – what part of that is a sensible life, able to communicate with us. Continue reading “Aliens are good, bad or indifferent?”