Why the color red makes people to revolution

red color makes people to revolutionThe red color sometimes causes people to stop and not to retreat, but on the contrary, to rebel against the accepted norms, if these revolutionaries or predisposed to seek customized thrill, said in an article published in the journal of Consumer Psychology.  Color Red and stop sign may not always help the campaigns against smoking or promotion of safe sex.

In such cases, a red background, framing health slogans, cannot act on the thrill-seekers, and on the contrary, make them do the exact opposite from the University of Illinois in the city of USA.

According to Mehta, his research group revealed the secret of the success of the revolutionary red banners completely by accident – to them for help addressed the Dutch non-profit organization serving the help line for children aged between 8 and 18 years, who could call on the confidence number, or talk about their problems using the web chat.

Very often, according to representatives of the NGOs, this hotline service does not use the children as well ranker, entertain them communicating with child psychologists at the expense of taxpayers. The share of these jokers among the users line reached 15%, and therefore the employees of the organization turned to another group of psychologists, who advised them to change the background color in the chat window with blue and white to red to scare prankerov since red is considered the subordination color and law-abiding behavior.

How to tell the scientists, this measure was counterproductive share rose to 22%, which has forced NGOs to ask for help to the team, Mehta and his colleagues. They are interested in this unusual behavior, trolls and tried to find out why the color red makes revolt against the social norms even more attractive by watching the behavior of students in two small experiments.

As part of these scientists conducted a small opinion poll among students and Amazon Turk service users in terms of their propensity to unlawful behavior and search of thrills. The background color in the program, which displays the questions on a computer screen, for some participants were white, and the other – red. In one variation of this survey was accidentally on a message from the health services, recommending use sun block when hiking on the beach, as well as issues relating to the relationship of these people to the tool body protection.

Both of these experiments have shown that the color red did students and bedizens more prone to disobedience and actions that violate the law and the norms of society, if they were initially inclined to take risks and search for dangerous feelings. People who are more prone to the layman life, on the contrary, become less prone to the revolutions, if they saw red.

For this reason, scientists recommend to abandon the use of red color for promoting the refusal from drugs, cigarettes, swimming in the wrong place, or unsafe sex among high-risk groups. Normal people will not do it all, and without such notice, and the most vulnerable categories of the population susceptible to the risk, on the contrary, are more likely to act as they want social services if they see warning them against a red background.

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