Megalithic underground cities

Megalithic undergroundWhat artifacts 100 thousand years of age are found in the Urals? Who built the ancient pyramids and underground tunnels in the Caucasus?

Alternative history describes a number of single tracks of ancient civilization, which are found throughout the world. Vadim Chernobrov, researcher, writer, director of Kosmopoisk argues that in our country there are artifacts that explain the presence of the traditional point of view, it is impossible. Why do we know so little about the thousands of megalithic structures found on the territory of Russia and the former Soviet Union? They can be found megaliths evidence of the existence of ancient civilizations?

Why the official science does widely advertises some ancient finds and does not take into account other – more interesting and unique? As explained in the Polar Urals made at the foot of Mount Narada discovery – tungsten spiral? Can a tungsten mine to be native, as the scientists say? Why, to find native tungsten, has not yet been found native plane or car? Can a unique find to be over 100 thousand years? What other nanotechnology products are found in this area? Why the name Narada no analogues in the Russian language, but there is in Old? How Does it translates the name of the mountain and could be a coincidence?

What interesting places have shown the researchers’ Kosmopoisk old-timers in the Caucasus? Where he is known for legends and myths Tomb of the giant, and that it represents: a natural or man-made hill pyramid similar to earthen pyramids in China? Find him in the Caucasus ancient megalithic stone city, comparable to the Asian Cappadocia? Under what rock is Old underground city, which is stored memories and legends say local old-timers?

Who and what is erected Stone mushroom in Baksan Valley, and what is hidden inside this building? What similar modern facilities we can easily find on the streets of Moscow? Why in megalithic stone structures are vertically mounted flat blocks forming passages and manholes? What do the cameras for reconnaissance passages in which a person cannot pass? Is there any megalithic building of wall paintings of dinosaurs? Will the new research expedition to the Caucasus? Is it possible to get closer to unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization?

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