The link between climate and conflict in the Middle East

NatureClimate scientists have concluded that extreme weather and climate disasters will increasingly lead to wars in multinational states, especially in the Middle East and Central Asia, said in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Natural disasters, climate-related, have a special breaking potential which manifests itself particularly tragic in ethnically diverse societies. Climate disasters do not cause the violence directly, but they can increase the risk of an existing conflict. Continue reading “The link between climate and conflict in the Middle East”

Anomalies in the expansion of the universe

the universeAn international team of researchers working in astronomy service The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey, found the paradox, which can serve as evidence of the anomalous properties of dark energy. This is indicated by a discrepancy in terms of rate of expansion of the universe, obtained by different methods.

According to information received, the universe is expanding at a rate of 67 kilometers per second per Mpc, with an error of 1.5 percent. These results are consistent with estimates Planck mission, in which the cosmic microwave background radiation, has been studied ancient light that came after 380,000 years after the Big Bang. Continue reading “Anomalies in the expansion of the universe”

British police have met aliens

Residents of the city of Wiltshire in the UK have long been concerned about the appearance of the mysterious circles on the local fields. Rational explanations that local experts have so far not been found. But it seems to unlocking amazing phenomenon could approach a policeman from said British town.

On condition of anonymity (for fear that he would be considered abnormal and expelled from work) police told local reporters that appears on the new round, he saw mysterious creatures. Continue reading “British police have met aliens”

Megalithic underground cities

Megalithic undergroundWhat artifacts 100 thousand years of age are found in the Urals? Who built the ancient pyramids and underground tunnels in the Caucasus?

Alternative history describes a number of single tracks of ancient civilization, which are found throughout the world. Vadim Chernobrov, researcher, writer, director of Kosmopoisk argues that in our country there are artifacts that explain the presence of the traditional point of view, it is impossible. Why do we know so little about the thousands of megalithic structures found on the territory of Russia and the former Soviet Union? They can be found megaliths evidence of the existence of ancient civilizations? Continue reading “Megalithic underground cities”

The secret of the XX century

XX century,Majestic-12In the history of the twentieth century there were several high-profile, but at the same time, the covert operations that shook the world. One such operation was called Majestic-12. It all began in 1947. On June 24, the US civilian pilot, who took flight in the area of the Cascade Mountains (Washington), saw nine disc-shaped vehicles flying at high speed systems. Although it was not the first observation of such objects, gained fame, the event has become the first swallow in terms of wide publicity. Following the report on the nine offices of unearthly design followed hundreds of reports of observation of such objects.
Many of them came from highly credible military and civilian sources. These reports were analyzed in several US military departments independently in order to identify the true information about these objects from the standpoint of national defense interests. Continue reading “The secret of the XX century”

Why the color red makes people to revolution

red color makes people to revolutionThe red color sometimes causes people to stop and not to retreat, but on the contrary, to rebel against the accepted norms, if these revolutionaries or predisposed to seek customized thrill, said in an article published in the journal of Consumer Psychology.  Color Red and stop sign may not always help the campaigns against smoking or promotion of safe sex.

In such cases, a red background, framing health slogans, cannot act on the thrill-seekers, and on the contrary, make them do the exact opposite from the University of Illinois in the city of USA. Continue reading “Why the color red makes people to revolution”