The dangers of high temperature

hot weatherWalking under the scorching sun summer day or working out in the open air in 30-degree heat, do not underestimate the threat of heat stroke and other serious effects of high temperatures on the person.

Consider what is dangerous for human extreme temperatures with a plus sign, and what symptoms indicate the need for immediate medical care.

  1. The body starts to behave unusually

The internal temperature of the human body is about 37 C, and any fluctuations in this figure are carried in either direction on its state. Changing the temperature by just one degree can lead to disruptions in the delicate biochemistry of your body.

Many people think that long-term exposure to high temperature and humidity can cause overheating or heat stroke (which will be discussed below). However, there are other, less well-known consequences.

Do you ever come up muscle cramps in a very hot day, such as weight lifting? It is very likely that the reason for it was the temperature.

Even if you drink water, to make up for its loss during sweating, you’re not getting enough electrolytes. The result is a salt imbalance that causes seizures.

For people who are not accustomed to the heat, there is a risk of heat edema. To avoid overheating in your body dilates blood vessels, since the body tries to enhance the impact of heat, whereby the blood collects in the ankles.

Even sweating can cause problems. When pores become blocked due to excessive sweating and weak its evaporation on the skin appears red spots and a tingling sensation in these areas. This rash is called prickly heat.

According to the Center for Control and Prevention of diseases, if you are exposed to high temperatures for a long period, the risk in this way to completely stop the sweating process that will bring death in the form of heat stroke. However, before this heat still torment your head.

  1. Violated brain work

In 2014 heat wave caused hallucinations in Canadian tennis player Frank Dance like. The player participated in the Australian Open tournament in Melbourne, and when he was on the court at the time of exhausting the heat, and then it seemed to him that he sees the comic book heroes.

The confusion in the mind and dizziness are common effects of excessive exposure to high temperatures. This is due to increased blood flow and dilatation fluid loss through perspiration.

Such conditions are especially dangerous for workers, which is vital to maintain concentration by occupation. According to the Canadian Center for Health and Safety, in a state of lethargy you start to lose the ability to solve complex problems.

With regard to the loss of consciousness, this case is called the heat syncope associated with temporary reduction of blood flow in the brain that occurs when your body loses a lot of fluid due to sweating and decreased blood pressure.

  1. Can occur heat exhaustion

Until now, we were talking about a relatively harmless symptom of exposure to high temperatures, such as prickly heat or blood concentration at the ankles. When your body has lost so much fluid and salt, which can no longer cope, heat exhaustion occurs.

As the body temperature rises above the natural, sweating more difficult, thirst and dizziness worse, you feel more and more tired. Can start vomiting and diarrhea. With frequent muscle cramps you feel palpitations, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet. These symptoms do not necessarily have to occur all at once, so if any of they have a reason for concern and taking the following measures.

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