Peninsula treasures

In 2006, a team of underwater archaeologists discovers a strange uneven bottom not far from the shores of Balaklava. Test dive brings a sensational find: at a depth of 82 meters lies the wreck. The seabed off the coast of Sevastopol – currently cemetery warships. The Crimean War and then World War II left underwater… Read more Peninsula treasures

Elon Musk said that we live in the Matrix

Philosopher Nick Bostrom of Oxford University explained the meaning of the words of the American businessman Elon Musk on the presence of mankind in the matrix. With scientists who recommended the businessman to understand the words literally, chatted edition of Quartz.

On the Sun there are no spots

Something strange is happening on the Sun – 3 June sunspot number dropped to zero, and the solar disk remains empty for three days. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory does not detect any significant dark nuclei. What does it mean? Solar cycle, like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between periods of high and low sunspot… Read more On the Sun there are no spots

Who guards the space?

Fighting for space about aliens controlling. The sun and shoot down from orbit the moon to destroy humanity, neutron generators, which Russian and American scientists have brought to Mars, to work there for Martians neutron weapons. How Stalin and Truman at Potsdam shared Moon between the USSR and the USA. It should be noted that… Read more Who guards the space?