Alien civilization from a distant star

Alien civilizationThe unusual behavior of a star located at a distance of 1480 light years from Earth, may indicate the presence of an alien civilization. This hypothesis, astronomers have suggested on the basis of observations from space observatory Kepler.

They now plan to study the strange behavior of the star using the directional signal of a powerful telescope. Preliminary results of the study presented in the journal arXiv preprint and short of it according to The Atlantic. Continue reading “Alien civilization from a distant star”

Vanga foretold the collapse of Europe by the end of 2016

Europe closeVanga predicted the terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September and the devastating tsunami in Thailand. Great clairvoyant said that in 2016 Europe will cease to exist. At the moment, this has all the background as a result of Breksita Britain could leave the EU, and in the future its example, it is likely followed by other members of the bloc.

Vanga prophesied and conquer Europe by Islamic extremists. But is this prophecy has not come true Bulgarian seer: According to Vanga, Europe had become empty as a result of the use of chemical weapons. Continue reading “Vanga foretold the collapse of Europe by the end of 2016”

Civilization has come out of the ground?

CivilizationThere are many versions about the origin of humanity, in addition to the traditional Darwinian theory of the evolution of primates. A very popular theory that we are – the descendants of extraterrestrial aliens, alien hybrids and ancient Aboriginal or all artificially bred individuals of the same aliens. But there is another hypothesis underground…

Crazy, Professor

The founder of this theory did not some UFO-fan, and eminent scientist, geologist, corresponding member of several academies Michael Buranchuk. This happened back in 1927. Continue reading “Civilization has come out of the ground?”

It recorded an increase in seismic activity in Yellowstone

seismicSix earthquakes of magnitude 2.4 occurred before yesterday, 23 June, on the northern shore of Yellowstone Lake. Tremors were recorded in the 36-37 km north-east of the Old Faithful geyser. The epicenters of earthquakes occur at a depth of 2 to 4 km.

Recall that on 13 June a series of six aftershocks of magnitude from 0.6 to 4.3 was recorded in the north-western borders of Yellowstone Park.

Beijing goes underground

BeijingThe terrible environmental problem of Beijing lies underground: sinking metropolis. Excessive pumping of groundwater causes the ground beneath the city to collapse, according to a new study. Scientists have studied satellite images, which show that Beijing, and in particular the central business district of the capital, sags every year by 11 cm.

The study warns that subsidence is a threat to the security of the city with a population of over 20 million people, and it can also disrupt the movement of trains. Continue reading “Beijing goes underground”

An ancient burial of a woman

burialDuring excavations in the territory of South Korean scientists have discovered an ancient tomb in which a woman was buried with unusually elongated skull.

Burial belongs to the era of the kingdom of Silla (57 BC – 935 AD). Despite the powerful influence of the kingdom to the modern culture of the Republic of Korea, the scientists very rarely come across intact burial of the time (poorly preserved skeletons in local soils). However, in 2013, archaeologists were lucky: during excavations on the territory of ancient capital of Silla in one of the coffins they found the bones of middle-aged women in top condition. Continue reading “An ancient burial of a woman”

United States established the anomalous heat

anomalous heatRecord high temperature was recorded on June 20, in the south-western United States. In the city located in the east of California, the main blow fell in Arizona and Nevada.

So in Palm Springs (CA) – thermometer showed the mark of 50.0 degrees, which is a repetition of the absolute temperature record for June 29/06/2013. In the capital Arizona Phoenix was established temperature record of the day: the air is warmed to 46.7 degrees. Continue reading “United States established the anomalous heat”

The dangers of high temperature

hot weatherWalking under the scorching sun summer day or working out in the open air in 30-degree heat, do not underestimate the threat of heat stroke and other serious effects of high temperatures on the person.

Consider what is dangerous for human extreme temperatures with a plus sign, and what symptoms indicate the need for immediate medical care. Continue reading “The dangers of high temperature”

The Age of Aquarius

AquariusMany will recall that at the turn of the millennium and then there were talks about the advent of the era of Aquarius. Opinions astrologers thus divided: some say that the Age of Aquarius has already come, while others claim that it will soon begin.

But what it is really the era of Aquarius, very few people clearly and sensibly explains. To understand what this mysterious era, it is necessary to retreat a little bit ago. As you know, sun makes a complete circle around the Earth in one year. Continue reading “The Age of Aquarius”

The mystery of genius baby

genius childAt all times the children were able to surprise his contemporaries for their unique talents. However, most of them stand out the so-called baby. A boy named Christian Heinrich Heineken was born in a small town in northern Germany, February 6, 1721, and lived for a little more than four years, but went down in history as the most brilliant child ever born on earth.

According to legend, he met with the king and was fluent in several languages. If Christian today had to go on the IQ test, then the result is likely to be higher than 200. At the same time he was not autistic. Like a sponge, absorbing the kid knowledge from different areas, not limited to one subject. Continue reading “The mystery of genius baby”