Civilization has come out of the ground?

There are many versions about the origin of humanity, in addition to the traditional Darwinian theory of the evolution of primates. A very popular theory that we are – the descendants of extraterrestrial aliens, alien hybrids and ancient Aboriginal or all artificially bred individuals of the same aliens. But there is another hypothesis underground… Crazy,… Read more Civilization has come out of the ground?

Beijing goes underground

The terrible environmental problem of Beijing lies underground: sinking metropolis. Excessive pumping of groundwater causes the ground beneath the city to collapse, according to a new study. Scientists have studied satellite images, which show that Beijing, and in particular the central business district of the capital, sags every year by 11 cm. The study warns… Read more Beijing goes underground

An ancient burial of a woman

During excavations in the territory of South Korean scientists have discovered an ancient tomb in which a woman was buried with unusually elongated skull. Burial belongs to the era of the kingdom of Silla (57 BC – 935 AD). Despite the powerful influence of the kingdom to the modern culture of the Republic of Korea,… Read more An ancient burial of a woman

The Age of Aquarius

Many will recall that at the turn of the millennium and then there were talks about the advent of the era of Aquarius. Opinions astrologers thus divided: some say that the Age of Aquarius has already come, while others claim that it will soon begin. But what it is really the era of Aquarius, very… Read more The Age of Aquarius