The mysterious stranger from the mass of dreams

the massWhether there is such a way that different people dream about the same thing? If it is, say, about some inanimate object, then there is no surprise. And if a person? And the same? This phenomenon became known ten years ago, it was found that people living in different parts of the globe, in a dream comes a mysterious stranger.

It all started with the fact that in January 2006, one New York psychologist was a visitor. Complaining about the problems in his personal life, he suddenly mentioned the fact that it has been for many years he was dreaming the same unknown man, whom he had never met in real life.

The psychologist asked the client to draw a portrait of a strange dream. Ball point pen on a piece of paper that portrayed middle-aged man. He had a round face, wide mouth, big eyes and a high forehead. At the head of the stranger he had a noticeable bald spot, but eyebrows were quite lush.

Picture and remained lying on the desk of the psychologist as long as it has not come another client, and he has not reached for some papers. With them on the table and a piece happened to be with the image of a stranger from dreams. Seeing him, a woman came into a terrible commotion and wondered where this portrait here. It turned out that the man depicted on it for many years dreaming about it at night!

Deciding to investigate the situation, the doctor just in case sent to be colleagues, and four customer psychologists over the next six months, learned that person. It is necessary to add that they were not familiar among all along?

Of course, the stranger could dream about and others who did not go to the psychologists. To find out, one of those who have faced him in a dream, created a special website dedicated to this subject. Immediately began to receive feedback on the site. In total, more than 200 000 people from different countries have responded in a decade, reporting that a man in the picture visited them in their sleep.

Surprising is not so much

the fact that all these people dreamed of one and the same person, but the fact that it occurred not once. This stranger was behaving always the same. In particular, he never told me anything about yourself, but asked many questions of the dreamer. He was interested in, and the details of their daily lives, and views of the world, including the relationship with God and the cosmos, as well as the dreams and memories of childhood. It is interesting that people always had a guest complete confidence, he did not inspire them nothing sinister.

Some of the respondents reported that the mysterious visitor was their constant friend and adviser in a dream. He gave them advice which proved very useful in real life. Although this did not happen in all situations – obviously the stranger took on the role of advisor only when he thought that his help is really needed this man.

To date, there are several hypotheses that attempt to explain the origin of these dreams. The first of these states that we are talking about some kind of psychological archetypes. Since most of the stranger dreamed those who in life had serious problems, it can be assumed that they are unconsciously looking for someone who would support them and help. And this desire is transformed into the image of a stranger who was actually a part of their own I. A similar appearance is explained by the fact that the subconscious mind has generated a kind of average type – because we all have a brain has approximately the same structure, the experts say. Religious people believe that this can be one of the images of God that comes to us in a dream to help build faith and overcome adversity tormenting us.

Another theory holds that the world may be a person who has the unique ability to penetrate into the dreams of others, regardless of the distance separating it from the dreamers . Why did he do it? Well, let’s say, just for fun. Is not it interesting to learn about other people’s lives? In addition, the stranger, apparently well versed in life in general, just gives good advice.

And here is the hypothesis of the skeptics. Like, here the effect of snowball. Well, drew a portrait of a man psychologist`s client that he was dreaming. And a woman, possibly mentally unbalanced, accidentally saw the picture, and it seemed to her that she, too, saw the man in a dream. The same thing seemed to the clients of psychologists – and this is the people, for the most part of the problem and not quite adequate. A so when the information was posted on the web site, the most impressionable user`s stranger really was the dream. Anyway, each version has the full right to exist.

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