The magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth

Magnetic fields Sun and EarthNASA satellites capture fluctuations in the magnetic field. The magnetic field has many astronomical objects. From time to time the magnetic field explodes, and the poles are reversed. Scientists believe that the reason for such explosion is magnetic reconnection. It often occurs in the interaction fields of two objects. When magnetic fields of opposite contact, they are similar to the line trains passing by each other in different directions.

But in the end, the field lines are broken and form new ones. This process gives the magnetic field lines one foot in the Sun, and the other – in the world, which allows solar energy to flow directly to earth Such situations are dangerous for satellites, astronauts in orbit, communication and power systems on Earth..

We think the results will have to wait a long time, and the probes hit the reconnection zone just six months after launch – commented James Burch, principal investigator of the project the MMS, – and has since come to the right place eight times. This is fortunate no one was for us, because it is still possible to study these processes in such a scale.

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