The Earth rise Second Sun

23 May

Alter SunThe star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion will soon become a supernova. At first it will be a red giant and then a powerful explosion happens, the flash will light on which half of the Galaxy, said Australian scientists. The shock wave and the substance of the deceased star radiation will destroy everything in its path.

The Fireball will shine day and night for two weeks. The star is located 427 light years from Earth, so the inhabitants of the planet will not feel a significant impact on it. The exact timing of astronomers named. Previously, they assumed that an explosion will occur in 2012. But only now has grown to the size of Betelgeuse, is 1000 times greater than the Sun, and is about to explode.

Now Betelgeuse is at most the final stages of my life . I do not know whether humanity will survive this event, but in any case will be an exciting spectacle. Imagine that the sky will flash one more sun, which for about two weeks, will shine day and night , a physicist at the University of Southern Queensland.

Some researchers believe that the star has already exploded, but the Earthlings do not yet see this glow, because it is necessary for over 400 years, so that the energy from the explosion covered the distance to the sun.

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