The American theory of the Earth’s structure was wrong

11 May

the Earth's structureScientists from several European countries, including Russia, have found a serious error in the calculations of the US peers, denying thus the classical theory of geomagnetism and the formation of Earth’s magnetic field, the press service of the MISA National Research Technological University.

In the article Influence of electron correlations on the iron properties in the Earth’s core, published in the journal Nature in early 2015, materials scientists from the United States, Ronald Cohen and Peng Zhang of Carnegie Institution (Washington) and Christian Houle from Rutgers University (New Jersey) tried to prove that the new theory of the formation of the magnetic field of the planet, adopted after 2012, is untenable.

Calculations of American Scientists, founded by computer modeling, confirmed by the classical theory of the formation of Earth’s magnetic field. The results of their calculations proved that the thermal conductivity of the Earth’s core is not as high as they should of the first theoretical calculations of this feature in 2012.

Publish Article Cohen, Zhang and Hawley caused a great stir in the scientific community and scientific and popular media. The classical theory of thermal convection was re-adopted as the basis for explaining the processes of formation of Earth’s magnetic field.

Later, a group of scientists from the Linkoping University, Jozef Stefan Institute, MISA and Ecole Paris, France under the guidance of Professor Igor Abrikosov found a mistake in the calculations of American scientists, said in a press release. Researchers from the United States agreed with the arguments of a group of Abrikosov and in April 2016 withdrew his article of the journal Nature. Classical theory again refuted.

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