Ten mysterious stories related to the ISS

ISS Ten mysterious storiesLaunch of the International Space Station in November 1998 gave humanity the possibility of permanent presence in space. In total some decades ago it was possible only in science fiction. That amount of information and knowledge that we can get from the orbit of our planet – is priceless.

However, we have not only a priceless scientific knowledge; we have seen many very mysterious stories, discoveries and phenomena. Today we’ll talk about them.

Incident Boomerang Space Mission STS-114

Space Mission STS-114 space shuttle Discovery is the first mission of its kind after the catastrophe shuttle Columbia two and a half years earlier in 2003. Since the tragedy NASA space agency even more tightened procedures associated with inspections of the safety of space flight. Perhaps that is due to them before the Discovery space shuttle launch itself, it was found that the spacecraft separated from (or bounced) some strange piece, similar to the foam.

The aim of Discovery was docked with the International Space Station and crew change, which was on board the shuttle. Before docking, Commander Eileen Collins carried out the maneuver, in which the shuttle turned belly up, so that you can check the status of the ISS spacecraft casing for damage and take some photos of beautiful species of our planet. Later, pictures were published and studied. On one of them I got the shot Steve Robinson, astronaut, walk in space for some repairs. However, in addition to Robinson, who went to repair the shuttle in NASA frame camera and got something else.

White strange object on the general background of dark space. The object moved at a distance from the shuttle, and then stopped for a short time and changing the direction of retired. Such strange behavior of the object led to the nickname boomerang. After NASA film study stated that the object is not more than the debris. However, while many refused to believe in this theory, and stated that the behavior of an object and change movement is a clear proof that this place was managed artificially.

Cherry trees grew faster than 6 years of schedule

In November 2008, 250 seeds of cherry trees delivered to the ISS. From the moment they came on board, they rounded the planet 4,000 times, and then in July 2009, came back to Earth. Bones put in 14 different places, one of which became a Japanese temple.

By 2014, in fact 6 years ahead of schedule, seedling height was already 4 meters. Some branches were flowers. But what was still stranger is the fact that the flowers have five petals, instead of 30, as it should be. Similar observations were also in other places where the same bones were planted.

Although scientists can not yet say for certain whether the finding of affected bones in Earth orbit on their growth, other likely cause yet. One explanation may be that the bones were subjected to a strong radiation of cosmic rays, which somehow triggers launched their growth. However, there will not be conducted further studies; scientists are not yet able to answer what caused such an intense schedule and advancing the growth and if this was an ordinary coincidence.

Scott Kelly and photography apparent UFO

In July 2015 astronaut Scott Kelly posted on his page on Twitter a photograph taken from the International Space Station. Kelly, who set a record stay in space among American astronauts, published the image in the upper right-hand side is the study of UFO enthusiasts have spotted a strange oblong spaceship.

On the basis of photographs was created and posted a video that has collected nearly a million views. The man who uploaded the video, insists that hard to believe that Kelly had not noticed this place before you decided to publish the photo on his page in the Twitter.

From a distance it does seem to us that there is a real UFO oblong. However, when the photos were added contrast, it was found that this object is nothing but a part of the antenna itself the International Space Station. This will not only solve the riddle of the true nature of the object, it also explains why Kelly had not noticed it when the picture is taken.

Experiment Twins

In addition to the publication of photos of alleged UFOs, Scott Kelly engaged in more urgent tasks and experiments on behalf of NASA. With an eye on future manned mission to Mars, NASA needed to know the effects on the human body, which can be shown with a long stay in space. Since Kelly has a twin brother, astronaut, was the ideal candidate for this mission, and further checking of changes that could occur between him and his twin brother Mark on the Earth.

And although all the tests did not detect any changes – to repeat the tests have more than one hundred times, – NASA’s, it seems to have understood what to expect from a long space travel. Since twins are genetically identical, it allows scientists to study the impact on the environment and genetics may make more or less scientific assumptions and conclusions about what should be expected when you send a man to Mars.

The necessary experiments and checks will continue for the next six months after the return of Kelly back to Earth in March 2016. Monitoring and sampling will be carried out with the participation of the two brothers. After that, it will be possible to make some more concrete conclusions.

The object in the form of Millennium Falcon to live with the ISS

Most recently, namely in April 2016, 20-year-old Englishman Beeson Worcestershire watched through your mobile phone live broadcast from the International Space Station, when he was shocked by what he sees on the screen.

The video clearly could see some strange object moves from MSCs with high speed. Beeson said that the object looked like a Metal Ship and recalled Millennium Falcon – the famous ship Han Solo of Star Wars. The guy said that the object was in the frame for about two minutes and was engulfed in blue glow. Beeson admits that is a fan of UFO, but cannot explain what he actually saw on the recording.

Theydon said that sent a frame to the screenshot object directly to NASA in the hope of getting an explanation of what he saw. However, to date, it is still awaiting a response. It should be noted that in most of these cases, these objects immediately fall into the category of space debris, which is really very much in Earth orbit.

NASA breaks the live broadcasts from ISS

Live broadcast from the International Space Station are quite common and allow enthusiasts from around the world to look at the cosmos through the camera installed on the ISS. As part of such broadcasts recorded many cases where the shot fall strange objects that in certain circles immediately treated as extra-terrestrial visitors. But as you may have guessed, the vast majority of these objects are space debris. However, it should be noted that there were several instances when NASA specially interrupted the live broadcast, as soon as the frame got another strange object. This behavior, in turn, not only created a wave of suspicion among the already suspicious hunters and UFO enthusiasts, but also alludes to the fact that NASA really are prerequisites to hide something from the public.

Most recently, in March this year, NASA interrupted a live broadcast from the ISS once the frame appeared a strange object in the form of a horseshoe. Hunter newcomers Tyler Glockner who uploaded this video (above) on YouTube, said that NASA ¬ędoing a trick than a year, and its channel from time to time there are such videos. Glockner said that sometimes people just do not have time to follow the broadcast and in some cases videos can really see a UFO up until the broadcast abruptly is not interrupted.

In January 2015, a live broadcast is also interrupted for a few seconds, as soon as the camera frame was a small gray object, leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. The above Glockner states that witnessed a similar event in June, 2014. He took video and poured it on his channel. Video consists of still images, which can be seen from space as a huge dark object appears triangular in shape and is approaching Earth. Six months before the event in the network have yet another video from the interrupted broadcast, which is seen a strange object yellow. In this case, the video was interrupted after only 2 minutes from the beginning of the broadcast.

The incident with the triangles STS 115 space mission

In August, 2006, is directed to the International Space Station crew of the space shuttle Atlantis on the radio messages that behind them watch or pursue a few obscure glow triangular shape. The official documents do not, but it is spoken by many UFO hunters. Are those lights belonged spacecraft or were independent objects – is not specified. However, as is usually the case, NASA announced that enthusiasts have witnessed nothing more than a space debris again.

As noted later, at NASA conducted its own investigation of these lights. It was found that they were only 30 seconds at startup. At that time still remember the tragic crash of the shuttle Columbia in 2003, so the agency really wanted to find out whether these lights no evidence of any damage, Atlantis.

Ultimately, NASA stated that the emergence of such debris is actually at the end of start-up is a little late, but there is no conspiracy here. The debris and trash can occur, for example, at the time when an undocking of the shuttle retaining mechanism doors. Another explanation of these lights can be the icing trim and the play of light from the spotlights illuminating the launch pad. Hearing these explanations, the commander of the Atlantis Brent Jett later stated that these objects were unlike anything that he could see outside the shuttle, and it is unlikely there was some debris.

Living organisms for ISS

Within the next spacewalk in August 2014, a Russian cosmonaut said that living organisms are found, quite a comfortable behind the existing International Space Station. On closer inspection it turned out that these organisms is plankton, likely caught on trim station from Earth. ISS crew until the end and did not understand how the plankton got there, and the way in which he managed to survive in such conditions.

Scientists have put forward the theory that plankton got to the ISS on one of the spaceships. However, later it turned out that none of the launch sites in the world there is no plankton populations. According to another explanation, to blame atmospheric flows, which picked up living organisms, and sent them on a journey to the space station? If this theory would be correct, it will be clear that these atmospheric currents can rise much higher than previously thought.

Of course, living organisms have been found at altitudes of 16 to 32 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, but it does not go to any comparison with the height of the orbit of the space station, which at that time was 322 kilometers. Furthermore, this finding shows that these organisms are capable of surviving in a complete vacuum of outer space.

The case of the bright lights

During his service as commander of the International Space Station in 2005, astronaut Leroy Chiao witnessed a bright line of light, which quickly sped past him when the astronaut was in space and performed another routine assignment.

Moving at a speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour and being at an altitude of 322 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, Chiao was initially not sure what he saw, but soon realized that there was something strange, and immediately reported it to the center flights. Despite the fact that people Chiao open views, to find an explanation as to why he became a witness, the commander was not able to. Later, however, the explanation is still found. Further investigation revealed that at the very moment Chiao and ISS were over water region is very popular with fishermen. In large fishing boats are often used very powerful lights to illuminate the catch at night. On this very day, several boats were next to each other. When they turned their spotlights, the light from them was so bright that he could see Chiao, who at that moment was flying over this place.

Mysterious clouds and strange lightning

In October 2013 a team of the International Space Station has witnessed a very strange cloud in the jellyfish shape, is above the Earth. On that day, no space launches in the region was not planned, and therefore what he saw caused some misunderstanding.

But soon after the Russian military report all became clear. The fact that the cloud that watched the ISS crew, are the following Russian missile tests which took place that day in Kazakhstan. The Russian side pointed out that the purpose of the test was a confirmation of missiles Topol characteristics.

Nevertheless, this is not the only observation of strange clouds witnessed became ISS crews. One case, for example, has been associated with a very strange lightning that appeared above the clouds. Lightning struck in this case is not the Earth, but rather in space. Scientists have not yet found to be associated with these conventional lightning, which we used to see from Earth, or is it a completely independent phenomenon.

Through further observation the researchers hope to find a more convincing explanation of the process of energy distribution in the framework of such events. In particular, scientists want to find out how the gamma rays are formed as a result of lightning discharges which it occurs. Our current knowledge suggests that the gamma rays are formed in the hottest places in the universe. However, they observe inside our atmosphere, so the modern sciences most certainly want to look into the matter.

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