Satellites have photographed tunnels, hidden in the Egyptian pyramids

07 May

hidden tunnel in pyramidPyramids of Egypt kept their secrets of over 4,500 years. Only recently, the Egyptian experts and specialists from other countries have begun to unravel their secrets with the use of satellites. A group of scientists used cosmic rays to create maps showing the internal structure of these ancient wonders.
On the archaeologists uncovered the world the first results of their work with Bent Pyramid, located 25 miles south of Cairo last week. Located in the Royal necropolis of Dahshur, Bent Pyramid was one of the first built in the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu. 3D-images clearly show the inner chambers that about 4600 years old, as well as the outline of the second secret chamber inside the pyramid.
President of the Institute of innovation heritage, revealed the secret of technology applied for these three-dimensional images. From Earth’s atmosphere come rain radiological particles called muons.

These particles pass through the empty space, but can be absorbed or deflected over solid surfaces. By studying the accumulation of particles-moons, scientists can learn more about the construction of the pyramids.
So, Bent pyramid has two entrances that overlook the two corridors leading to two burial crypt, one above the other. Previously it was thought that the Pharaoh Sneferu was buried inside the pyramid in a hidden vault, but recent pictures excluded this possibility. So unsolved mysteries still remain.

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