Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid

 giant asteroidAustralian scientists have found traces of a giant asteroid that fell to Earth in the earliest period of its history. According to the destructiveness of his fall is one of the first places. On the discovery is reported in the journal Precambrian Research.

In the north-west of Geophysics Australia found small bells formed when an asteroid hitting the ground. The same spheres found in the sediments of the age of 3.46 billion years.

According to scientists, the asteroid should be between 20 and 30 kilometers in diameter and leave a crater width of several hundred kilometers. Such an attack mankind has never seen. From him went on the ocean giant tsunami that occurred shifts of rocks and outflow of magma.

At the same time the exact location of the asteroid impact remains unknown. All craters that era for a long time erased volcanic and tectonic activity. On impact, scientists were able to learn through discovery of spheres in the sediment layer between two volcanic layers which made it possible to carry out precise dates.

At that time 3.8-3.9 billion years ago, dozens of asteroids fall on the moon – it is because of them there were numerous craters. Scientists hope to find traces of similar attacks and in the world – there were many hundreds, according to geophysicists.

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