Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis

TreasuresBritish archaeologists have presented the first results of underwater excavations in the Hellenistic cities of Canopus and Tunis, Heraklion, lowered into the water in the dark ages until the Middle Ages by unknown reasons.
In the Nile Delta around the 5th century BC, there were two major port cities Canopus and Tunis Heraklion-based Greek and Macedonian colonists during the reign of the26th dynasty. These cities have successfully gone through the occupation of Egypt by the Persians, its conquest by Alexander the Great and the transition under the dominion of Rome during the reign of Cleopatra.
About something strange happened in 750-800 years BC – both cities have mysteriously disappeared, lost in the literal sense of the water, and their inhabitants left the two thousand-year policy. The place where the city was built, remained a mystery until the beginning of the millennium, when the British and French archaeologists from the Institute of Underwater Archaeology in Paris started a large-scale excavation in the Nile Delta, in a place called the harbor of Abu Kir. Continue reading “Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis”

Ten mysterious stories related to the ISS

ISS Ten mysterious storiesLaunch of the International Space Station in November 1998 gave humanity the possibility of permanent presence in space. In total some decades ago it was possible only in science fiction. That amount of information and knowledge that we can get from the orbit of our planet – is priceless.

However, we have not only a priceless scientific knowledge; we have seen many very mysterious stories, discoveries and phenomena. Today we’ll talk about them. Continue reading “Ten mysterious stories related to the ISS”

The secret of the origin of gold

GoldThe study of dwarf galaxies, stuffed with heavy elements, allowed the scientists to determine that the main sources of gold may be dying neutron stars.

Initially, in the universe it was only the lightest atoms, hydrogen with small amounts of helium. The entire set of elements up to iron emerged from them as a result of thermonuclear reactions taking place – and continue to occur – in the depths of many generations of stars. However, the birth of heavier elements, including gold or uranium, requires more severe conditions, according to Naked Science. Continue reading “The secret of the origin of gold”

Egypt Collection of photos of George Eastman, 1895

Egypt Collection of photos of George EastmanThis stream of photographers swept the Near and Middle East in the second half of the XIX century. It is known that up to 1885 in these regions, 250 people were surveyed. In 1850 the first photographers were often wealthy amateurs – are John B. Greene, Lyuitt Hunt and John Shaw Smith. They could afford the cost, not only to travel, but also to classes during travels a hobby – photography. Among them were single, as Louis D. Clerc and Maxim Du Kam receiving the official and semi-official support from various governmental or academic institutions in their countries.

In 1860-1870 gg. Local professional photographers such as Jean Pascal Seb opened a studio in the cities, has become a center of tourism.Seb owned one of the largest studios in Constantinople from 1870 to 1890-ies., And he continually sent photographers in Egypt or acquired negatives taken there, while his collection of species did not count more than 400 copies.
Continue reading “Egypt Collection of photos of George Eastman, 1895”

The mysterious stranger from the mass of dreams

the massWhether there is such a way that different people dream about the same thing? If it is, say, about some inanimate object, then there is no surprise. And if a person? And the same? This phenomenon became known ten years ago, it was found that people living in different parts of the globe, in a dream comes a mysterious stranger.

It all started with the fact that in January 2006, one New York psychologist was a visitor. Complaining about the problems in his personal life, he suddenly mentioned the fact that it has been for many years he was dreaming the same unknown man, whom he had never met in real life. Continue reading “The mysterious stranger from the mass of dreams”

The Earth rise Second Sun

Alter SunThe star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion will soon become a supernova. At first it will be a red giant and then a powerful explosion happens, the flash will light on which half of the Galaxy, said Australian scientists. The shock wave and the substance of the deceased star radiation will destroy everything in its path.

The Fireball will shine day and night for two weeks. The star is located 427 light years from Earth, so the inhabitants of the planet will not feel a significant impact on it. The exact timing of astronomers named. Previously, they assumed that an explosion will occur in 2012. But only now has grown to the size of Betelgeuse, is 1000 times greater than the Sun, and is about to explode. Continue reading “The Earth rise Second Sun”

Kowloon a city of darkness

KowloonThe fortified town of Kowloon virtually controlled the governments of accommodation in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Initially, in its place was a Chinese military fort; after the New Territories were transferred to the UK in 1898, rent, and walled city became an enclave.

Population walled city of Kowloon has increased significantly after the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during the Second World War. In 1987, in the city-fortress of 33 thousand people lived in the territory of 6.5 acres (2.6 hectares). Continue reading “Kowloon a city of darkness”

Global warming destroys Antarctic glacier

destroys Antarctic glacierThe current pace of climate change may cause instability of the Antarctic ice core, which will lead to a rise in sea level by more than two meters, the scientists believe. The findings of a new study relating to the future Totten Glacier, which occupies a large part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and affect this one of the world’s largest glacier areas.

Studying the history of advances and retreats of the glacier Totten, the researchers found that if climate change continues, the glacier can cross the critical threshold for the next century, having entered into an irreversible period of very rapid retreat. Continue reading “Global warming destroys Antarctic glacier”

America and Europe are at risk of flooding

America and Europe floodSurveillance drones NASA showed that New Orleans goes into the ground and water with a very non-uniform rate some areas of the city sink at a speed of 5 centimeters per year, while others only 3.5-4 cm, according to an article published in the Solid Earth.

The authorities can use the data to improve the effectiveness of measures to slow down and prevent this process, which should help New Orleans and connected to the city coastline continue to exist. Continue reading “America and Europe are at risk of flooding”

Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid

 giant asteroidAustralian scientists have found traces of a giant asteroid that fell to Earth in the earliest period of its history. According to the destructiveness of his fall is one of the first places. On the discovery is reported in the journal Precambrian Research.

In the north-west of Geophysics Australia found small bells formed when an asteroid hitting the ground. The same spheres found in the sediments of the age of 3.46 billion years. Continue reading “Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid”