The world is waiting for the emergence of superhuman

SuperhumanGenetically modified people may have IQ at 1000 and above can be regarded as a deep scholar. Sciences Work on quantum physics of dark energy, finance, information security, genomics and bioinformatics. It is officially the Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan, where he heads the Department of Theoretical Physics.

Professor believes that changing the human genome, we can dramatically improve his intellectual abilities. A detailed description of the theory is given in the journal. His popular exposition gives the Nautilus.

The possibility of the super mind is a direct result of the genetic basis of intelligence. Such characteristics as growth and cognitive ability to monitor thousands of genes, and each of them has its little effect, Based on previous studies of the genome, believes that intelligence is related approximately 10,000 genetic variants. If by configuring each of them we will be able to get the right version, according to him, we can create human beings with mental development index of up to 100 times above average. This corresponds to IQ more than 1000 points.

BGI are not the only ones who predicted the emergence of the super mind through genetic improvements. In his recently published book Super intelligence director of the Oxford Institute created in the future of humanity Nick Bostrom agrees that genetics is the key to the emergence of the sacramental people. Genetic screening of embryos before implantation could help parents find and select embryos with alleles that determine a high level of intelligence. Bostrom hopes that further development of genetic engineering will make it possible to synthesize genomes in the specification, which greatly simplifies the task.

According to Bostrom in the future, technology will empower the embryo preferred combination of genes passed from each parent, and the genes they are not inherent, which has only a small number of people in the world. Such a mix can have a serious positive impact on the cognitive abilities of children.

Believes that in this way it is possible to develop the capacity is higher than that of any of the 100 billion people have ever lived on Earth:

Imagine that the ability of the greatest minds of humanity in its highest form will be present in the same individual. It’s almost perfect reproduction of images and speech, thinking and ultra-fast calculations, powerful geometric visualization, even in the higher dimensions; the ability of parallel and simultaneously to solve a lot of analytical and thinking problems. The list goes on.

The prospect that on the same planet with ordinary people will live supermen, whose greatness as glorified philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in his work Thus Spoke Zarathustra scary. Careful attention should be given appropriate moral issues that will have to solve before such possibilities become reality.

Some countries may legalize genetic modification before other children. Obviously, the first access to the technology will receive elite that could give super mind themselves and their children. But let us hope that the fruits of genetic engineering will be able to take advantage of everyone, otherwise we are waiting for this inequality, which has never happened before in the history of mankind.

A scientific consultant BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute), as well as a founding member of its Laboratory of Cognitive Genomics. According to rumors that have emerged in the past year, of BGI sequenced the genomes of 2000 the most intelligent people in the world to output super mental generation that will be able to raise the IQ of the nation.

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