The world is a cruel illusion

cruel illusionAccording to Donald Hoffman, a scientist from California USA, what people see and evaluate, as a reality, it is not. Due to the significant limitations in the perception of the color spectrum, and the ether vibrations, human eyes see the illusion, instead of the real world. Around each person present complex matrix coated with the usual order of a representative of humanity.

Donald Hoffman, actively exploring the theme of perception of reality through the eyes, is a kind of instruments surrounding reality fixation, it says that the whole world, at least that which is perceived by the human eye from near Earth space and the bottom of the Mariana Trench, consists of a complex matter, which is composed of the matrices.

Moreover, as noted by the researcher, due to the fact that each of the people from his childhood shaped his own, individualized perception of the world, everyone perceives reality by the scheme laid down in his early childhood.

The difference between the reality of the outside world on the planet Earth and the illusion cannot be seen with the naked eye. Donald is going to hold a series of studies to prove that the world’s people and present information objects that cannot be seen by human eyes.

Around each of the people present rather complicated matrix which covered familiar to human images, – says the researcher. They are called egregious, explains the scientist, stating that Gregory this is not some human being, guiding all actions of the individual, and the matrix, which are present around each of us, forming illusory perception of the world, whereas the really real world may seem like a man too scary, if we evaluate it from the point of view of traditional psychology.

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