Sixty seven thousand historical maps laid out in the public domain

historical mapsStanford University has lain out in the network of about 67 thousand historical maps on the occasion of the opening of his own cartographic center. All collection belongs to David Ramsay, a well-known American collector card, to devote to this business about 30 years.

In the public domain are old atlases and globes, constellation maps and nautical maps, countries, regions and individual cities. The creator of this vast database is strongly recommended to use sections and thematic search. For example, you can search for images only on demand in the US Civil War Cards or navigation maps of the XVII century.

The collection spans the period from the XVI to XXI century and is considered the most significant in the world. For images have zoom function, they can also be downloaded in high resolution. A separate point – function Dereferencing, the ability to apply the map a century ago on a satellite image.

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