Secrets of the castle of Montegut

the castle Cursed place on the holy mountain – so say the folk traditions of the pentagonal castle of Montegut. South-west of France, where it is located – generally wonderland, teeming with majestic ruins, legends and tales about the knight of honor Parsifal, the Holy Grail and, of course, magical Montegut. What a tragic event shall Montegut his glory?

In 1944, in the course of hard and bloody fighting, the Allies captured from the Germans occupied the position. Especially a lot of them were killed on the strategic height of Monte Casino, trying to take over the castle Moseyed where sat the remains of the 10th German Army. The siege of the castle lasted 4 months. Finally, after the massive bombing and landing allies went on a decisive assault.

The castle was destroyed almost to the ground. However, the Germans continued to resist, although their fate was already sealed. When the allies came close to Montegut, there was something inexplicable. On one of the towers was hoisted high the flag of the ancient pagan symbol – Celtic cross. By Germanic ritual usually resorted only when needed the help of a higher power. But it did not help.

This case was not the only one in a long and full of mystical mysteries of the history of the castle. And it started back in the VI. When on Mount Casino, which was regarded as a sacred place since pre-Christian times, the monastery was founded by Saint Benedict.

In 1243-1244 gag. In Montegut was played one of the most dramatic episodes in European history. Papal Inquisition and the army of the French King Louis IX in the number of 10 thousand people a year almost led the siege of the castle.

But they did not manage to cope with two hundred heretics Catha’s. The defenders of the castle could repent and withdraw from the world, but instead chose to voluntarily come up to the fire: thus they have kept clean their mysterious faith.

And to this day there is no single answer to the question: where in southern France entered the Qatari faith? The first traces of it appeared here in XI cent., while in the north of France prevailed Catholicism.

According to some historians, the Qatari faith penetrated the south of France from Italy; that, in turn, borrowed it from the religious teaching of the Bulgarian Boomed, and those – of the Manichaean Asia Minor and Syria. The number of those who later called the Catha’s (Greek – clean), multiplied like mushrooms after rain.

There is one God, there are two who disputed dominion over the world is the god of good and a god of evil immortal spirit of humanity is directed to the god of good, but its transitory shell stretches to the dark god.. – So taught the Catha’s.

At the same time, our earthly world they thought the kingdom of evil, and the celestial world inhabited by souls of people – a space in which the triumph of good. Therefore Catha’s easily parted with life, enjoying the transition of their souls in the possession of Good and Light.

On dusty roads of France traveled strange people in pointed hats Chaldean astrologers in robes belted with rope, and everywhere preaching his doctrine.

He took over as the so-called honorable mission Committed – devotees of the faith, who gave a vow of asceticism. They completely broke with the old life, renounced property; adhere to dietary and ritual prohibitions. But they were open all the secrets doctrine. The other group was treated so-called Cather profane, i.e. ordinary followers. They lived a normal life, fun and noisy, sin, like all people, but reverently observe the few commandments that taught them perfect.

New faith is especially happy to accept the knights and nobility. Its adherents have become the majority of the noble families in Toulouse, Languedoc, Gascony, and Roussillon. They did not recognize the Catholic Church, considering it to the devil. Such a confrontation could only end in bloodshed.

In those days, the south, a member of Languedoc County was virtually independent. Rules of this vast territory, Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse.

Nominally, he was considered a vassal of the French and the Aragonite kings and Holy Roman Emperor, but the nobility, wealth and power are not inferior to them. In his possession is increasingly spread Qatari dangerous heresy. The first clash between Catholics and Catha’s took place January 14, 1208 on the banks of the Rhone, when, during the crossing of one of the squires Raymond VI spear mortally wounded papal nuncio.

On his deathbed, the priest whispered to his killer: May God forgive you as I forgive you. But the Catholic Church does not forgive anything. In addition to the rich Toulouse county has long had a kind of French monarchs aspire to join the rich land to their possessions.

The Count of Toulouse was declared a heretic and follower of Satan. Catholic bishops have thrown cry: The Catha’s – heretics nefarious we must burn them with fire, so much so that the seed does not remain! To do this, the Holy Inquisition was intended that the pope has subjected the Order of the Dominicans – these dogs of the Lord.

It was declared a crusade, which was first directed not so much against the infidels, but against Christian lands. It is interesting that a soldier question of how to distinguish Catha’s from good Catholics, but the papal legate Arnold Sato said, Kill them all, God will know his!

Crusaders devastated the southern edge of blooming. In only one Bezier, rounded up residents to the church of St. Nazarene, they killed 20 thousand. Man. Cather cut out entire cities. Earth Raymond VI of Toulouse was taken away from him.

In 1243 the only stronghold of the Catha’s was only an old Montegut – their sanctuary, turned into a military stronghold. It brought together almost all the surviving perfect.

They were not allowed to carry weapons, because according to their teachings, it was considered a direct symbol of evil. About what happened in the tiny patch on the top of the mountain became known through surviving records of interrogations of the surviving castle defenders.

They are fraught with the amazing story of courage and resilience of the Catha’s, which still amazes imagination of historians. And the mysticism in it enough. Bishop Bertrand Marty, to organize the protection of the castle, was well aware that his surrender is inevitable. March 2, 1244, when the situation became unbearable deposited, Bishop began to negotiate with the Crusaders. He really needed a respite.

And he got it. Within two weeks of respite deposited manage to drag on a tiny rocky ground heavy catapult. A day before the date of the castle is almost incredible event.

At night, the four perfect descend on a rope from the mountain 1200 meters and carry with them a bundle. Crusaders quickly outfitted chase, but the fugitives as if dissolved. Soon the two of them showed up in Cremona. They proudly told about the successful outcome of their mission, but they managed to save, not known until now.

Only hardly condemned to death Catha’s – fanatics and mystics – began to risk their lives for the sake of gold and silver. Yes, and what cargo they could carry on itself four desperate perfect? So, the Cather treasure was different properties. It is said that it is still hidden in one of the many caves in the county of Fix.

Montegut has always been to perfect a holy place. They’re built on top of the mountain pentagonal castle. Here in the deep secret Catha’s performed their rites, sacred relics were stored. Walls and loopholes Montegut were strictly oriented to the cardinal, like Stonehenge, so perfect could calculate the solstices. The architecture of the castle makes a strange impression.

Inside the fortress there is a feeling that you are on the ship: low square tower at one end of the long walls, to shield the narrow space in the middle, and a blunt nose, resembling stem caravel. In August 1964 the cavers on one of the walls found some icons, notches and drawing. He turned up the underground passage extending from the base of the wall to the gorge. Then it was discovered and the very course in which the skeletons found with halberds.

The new riddle: Who were these people who died in a dungeon? Under the foundation walls of a few interesting things to put on them symbols of Qatari it was found.

Bee was depicted on the buckle and buttons. For perfect it symbolized the mystery of fertilization without physical contact. It was also found strange the lead plate is 40 cm long, composed of a pentagon, which was considered as a distinctive sign of the Apostles perfect.

Kotare did not recognize the Latin cross and worshiped pentagon – a symbol of dispersion, spraying matter, the human body (which is, apparently, from the strange architecture of Montegut). Analyzing it, a prominent expert on the Catha’s Fernando Neil emphasized that it was in the castle was laid the key to the rites – a mystery that perfect took with him to the grave.

Until now, there are many enthusiasts who are looking around and on the mountain itself Casino buried treasure of the Catha’s. But most of all researchers interested in that shrine, which saved from desecration four brave men. Some have suggested that perfect owned the famous Grail.

For good reason, and are now in the Pyrenees, you can hear a legend: When Montegut walls were still standing, the Catha’s guarded the Holy Grail, but Montegut was in danger… Rate Lucifer encamped under its walls. They wanted the Grail, to conclude it again in the crown of the ruler, from which he fell, when the fallen angel was defeated from heaven to earth.

At the moment of greatest danger to Montegut from heaven appeared and dove with its beak split the Mount Tabor. Keeper of the Grail dropped valuable relic into the bowels of the mountain. Mountain closed in, and the Grail was saved.

For some, the Grail – a vessel in which was collected the blood of Christ, for others – dish Last Supper, for the third – something like a horn of plenty. And the legend of Montegut he appears in the form of a golden image of Noah’s ark.

According to legend, the Grail has magical properties: could heal people from serious diseases, to open the secret knowledge. He could see only a pure heart and soul, and the wicked he brings down the great disaster.

Some scientists believe that the secret of the Catha’s was in the knowledge of the hidden facts of Christ’s earthly life – his earthly wife and children, who after the crucifixion of the Savior have been secretly transferred to the south of Gaul.

Wife of Christ was the Gospel Magdalene – a mysterious personality. It is known that she got to Europe, which means that the descendants of the Savior and founded the Merovingian dynasty, that is, kind of Holy Grail.

According to legend, after Montegut Grail was brought to the castle de Montréal Co, and from there – in one of the cathedrals of Aragon. He was then allegedly taken to the Vatican. Perhaps the sacred relic was back in his sanctuary – Montegut? After all, not for nothing that Hitler, who dreamed of world domination, so persistently and deliberately organized a search for the Holy Grail in the Pyrenees. But it was all to no avail.

Hitler hoped to use these sacred relics to turn the tide of the war. But even if the Fuhrer and managed to take hold of it, whether it would be unlikely to save him from destruction, as well as those of German soldiers who tried to protect themselves in the walls of Montegut using ancient Celtic cross. After all, according to legend, the unjust guardians of the Holy Grail and those who sow evil on earth and death catches up with the wrath of God?

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