Secrets of Count Saint Germain

Count Saint GermainPersonality Count Saint Germain is one of the most mysterious in the history. About its origin nothing anyone not known for certain. Among the contemporaries of the graph was rumored that with time he does not get older, they said that no one saw that he was taking food.

At some point, he mysteriously disappeared. And again around his name rumors – some claimed that he had died a long time ago, others – that have seen him somewhere, living under a new name. And they are today, who are ready to swear that just recently seen the mysterious Count.

Rumors, rumors, but we will try our history presentation (as possible) to adhere to evidence of people who knew Saint Germain in person and established facts. They are: Earl never needed the money, but no one could figure out how he got the money come from.

It is known that in the mid-1700s, Saint-Germain was expelled from England due to suspicions of espionage, and some time later appeared in France at the court of King Louis XV. It soon became clear that this person is not as simple as it could seem at first.

Those who knew him people have claimed that the Count had all the well-known at that time in Europe languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Sanskrit, and others. In addition, he was a fine connoisseur of art, played the violin and wrote several scientific papers. Many contemporaries spoke with admiration about the exquisite manners of this man, the origin of which, however, always remained a mystery. Count usually kept quiet about his past, but once jokingly said that he had turned 500 years old.

It is worth to mention that Saint-Germain was a man of incredible fabulously rich. He has always been with him several roomy bags stuffed with a variety of precious stones. He never needed the money, but no one could figure out where the counts the money come from. Also unanimously contemporaries claimed that he had never seen that Saint-Germain eat, and that the Count never wore other colors other than black or white.

Even in the 1900s were witnesses allegedly had seen Count alive and flourishing.

Some said that the count belonged to the society of the Free Masons, others were convinced that Saint-Germain was in the ranks of the Order of the Rosicrucian’s, and that he had studied all sorts of occult science, including alchemy and the teachings of Kabbalah. Therefore, the surrounding count people were convinced that he had found a formula of creating the Philosopher’s Stone, by which stopped short of money, and was able to find the secret of eternal youth.

Even in the 1900s were witnesses allegedly had seen Count alive and flourishing. There are certain evidence to suggest that Saint-Germain died in 1784, but according to other sources it is impossible, because he allegedly engaged in a diplomatic mission of the French Masons year later.

There is also another theory, which deals with the origin of the mysterious Count. You may have heard the legend of Ahasuerus (or Wandering Jew). According to biblical tradition, Jesus led to the execution by the house of a Jew-craftsman, whose emaciated Jesus asked permission to rest, leaning against the wall, but he refused, for which he was doomed to forever wander the earth until the Second Coming, and make people’s contempt.

And Saint Germain in many ways really suited to the role of a real embodiment of the Wandering Jew. In favor of this theory is the fact that he wore only black and white, have never been seen for the use of food and a good command of the ancient languages.

And though all these theories and evidence do not sound very plausible, Count Saint Germain still remains one of the strangest and most mysterious personalities in history.

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