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The storm killed thousands of birds in Bangladesh

Kill birdsAfter a powerful storm in one of the villages in Jessore district in western side Bangladesh, thousands of dead birds were found on Thursday.

According to local residents, after the storm, they were found dead throughout the village about 5 thousand. Birds, including rare species, and buried them. According to experts, the loss of such a large number of birds will certainly have a negative impact on the fauna of the region.

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Prophetic dreams

DreamsOnce in the basement of an antique shop she caught the eye in the corner on the concrete floor of a wooden box. Her heart pounded stronger when she got out of the box photo Indian. His face had war paint and wearing the chest embroidered beaded medallion.

Mentally, she asked herself whether to give this picture the famous representative of the Indian Diaspora is necessary, but received a negative response. Instead, she felt that she should show to another friend. It turned out it was the dead of the Second World War in Germany, twin brother of the man.

Photo once belonged to his sister. After ex-husband stole many things dear to her heart, saying, if destroyed them, she thought she would never see this picture.Returning with the help of such coincidences heirloom, she felt as if again found dead brother. Photo helped it easier to come to terms with their loss. Read the rest of this entry »

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Detected a black hole which is larger than the Sun 17 billion times

large black holeThe black hole of enormous size, exceeding the sun by mass at 17 billion times, discovered by American researchers. According to preliminary data astrophysicists infer the discovery of the largest object in the Universe, of all that were found previously.

The facility is located in the no conspicuous group of galaxies, that the assumptions of scientists, may indicate that such black holes and is not a unique phenomenon in the universe, as is commonly believed.

According to estimates representative of the University of California astronomer Chung-Pei Ma, in the detected black hole 17 billion solar masses, and in the black hole at the center of our galaxy – only 4 billion. Thus, the new space object much larger black hole of the Milky Way. Read the rest of this entry »

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