Egyptian Atlantis Found

Egyptian Atlantis tombThe scientists, led by French archaeologist Franck , found the Egyptian Atlantis. Heraclitus City, which was located at the mouth of the Nile, was razed to the ground water in the first century BC.

According to a scientific paper written by the ancient historian Deodorants, Heraclitus was named in honor of Hercules.

Local residents have erected in his honor metropolis and the temple, as he is blocked for the Nile, thus enabling people to settle without the intervention of the elements.

There, Heraclitus was not very large and prosperous city in which they lived educated and intelligent citizens. For a long time it was thought that it simply does not exist and it is only a myth, but the French archeologist proved the opposite.

By French archaeologist, he knew that it Heraclitus, on the black granite slab on which was carved the name of the city. Scientists have discovered a temple, household items to local residents, the ships and the monumental tomb.

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