Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador interconnected

Earthquakes Both these powerful earthquake occurred with a difference of only a few days and both were devastating. Japan and Ecuador are located close to each other, only 15 thousand kilometers, and the characteristics of both earthquakes were similar.
The relationship between these two natural disasters actually exists.

Scientists have found that when a powerful earthquake in 2004 occurred in Sumatra, then changed the frequency and intensity of earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault. Something similar happened now.
Energy ejected by the earthquake in Japan, spread to Ecuador in the area already prone to powerful earthquakes, giving a boost to its top. Already it established that the trigger for the Japanese cataclysm was the release of energy from the fault Futagava, but the cause and effect relationship between the two shocks in different countries, yet to be explored.
But now there is a reason for concern. Volcanologists worried that the powerful earthquakes can trigger volcanic activity, and cracks in the surface of the fractures and displacement of land may lead to the formation of underground channels that bind the bags under magmatic volcanoes, ocean and sea water penetrated into igneous boilers will cause devastating explosions.

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