Discovered text of Avicenna observing supernova

Avicenna observing supernovaGerman experts had previously discovered by astronomers have not discussed a fragment of scientific works of the medieval Persian scholar Avicenna, which reported on the observation of a supernova in modern terms.

A brief report on the observation of stars SN 1006 is contained in the Book of Healing, written by Avicenna Arabic and dedicated logic, metaphysics and science. Created by scientists text, according to experts, clearly describes what happened in the constellation Wolf supernova 1 May 1006.

The event was described as Arabic and Chinese astronomers of what today is known to modern scholars. Supernova Remnant now is a radio source PKS 1459-41, which was opened Parkes Observatory in 1960 Australia. Scientists estimate that the diameter of the resulting dust cloud, spreading at a rate of nine thousand kilometers per second (three per cent of the speed of light), up to 60 light-years.

Avicenna is considered one of the most influential philosophers of the medieval scholars of the Islamic world. Born August 16, 980, and died June 18, 1037. After the scientist himself has left more than 450 papers in 29 fields of science, the most important of which are devoted to medicine, biology, ethics, and religion.

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