Sixty seven thousand historical maps laid out in the public domain

historical mapsStanford University has lain out in the network of about 67 thousand historical maps on the occasion of the opening of his own cartographic center. All collection belongs to David Ramsay, a well-known American collector card, to devote to this business about 30 years.

In the public domain are old atlases and globes, constellation maps and nautical maps, countries, regions and individual cities. Continue reading “Sixty seven thousand historical maps laid out in the public domain”

Egyptian Atlantis Found

Egyptian Atlantis tombThe scientists, led by French archaeologist Franck , found the Egyptian Atlantis. Heraclitus City, which was located at the mouth of the Nile, was razed to the ground water in the first century BC.

According to a scientific paper written by the ancient historian Deodorants, Heraclitus was named in honor of Hercules. Continue reading “Egyptian Atlantis Found”

The world is waiting for the emergence of superhuman

SuperhumanGenetically modified people may have IQ at 1000 and above can be regarded as a deep scholar. Sciences Work on quantum physics of dark energy, finance, information security, genomics and bioinformatics. It is officially the Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan, where he heads the Department of Theoretical Physics.

Professor believes that changing the human genome, we can dramatically improve his intellectual abilities. A detailed description of the theory is given in the journal. His popular exposition gives the Nautilus. Continue reading “The world is waiting for the emergence of superhuman”

The world is a cruel illusion

cruel illusionAccording to Donald Hoffman, a scientist from California USA, what people see and evaluate, as a reality, it is not. Due to the significant limitations in the perception of the color spectrum, and the ether vibrations, human eyes see the illusion, instead of the real world. Around each person present complex matrix coated with the usual order of a representative of humanity.

Donald Hoffman, actively exploring the theme of perception of reality through the eyes, is a kind of instruments surrounding reality fixation, it says that the whole world, at least that which is perceived by the human eye from near Earth space and the bottom of the Mariana Trench, consists of a complex matter, which is composed of the matrices. Continue reading “The world is a cruel illusion”

The cities falling rain fish annually

falling rain fishEvery year, between May and June in the small town of Yoro in Honduras there is an unusual phenomenon. Suddenly, a storm begins, raises a strong wind and rain. After the bad weather on the streets of the city residents are finding a huge quantity of fish. It regularly comes from the 19th century.

A team of researchers from the National Geographic in 1970 witnessed such a storm. The fish, which they found was all blind. There was a theory that the fish does not fall from the sky with rain and comes out of the ground from the underground rivers. Continue reading “The cities falling rain fish annually”

Discovered text of Avicenna observing supernova

Avicenna observing supernovaGerman experts had previously discovered by astronomers have not discussed a fragment of scientific works of the medieval Persian scholar Avicenna, which reported on the observation of a supernova in modern terms.

A brief report on the observation of stars SN 1006 is contained in the Book of Healing, written by Avicenna Arabic and dedicated logic, metaphysics and science. Created by scientists text, according to experts, clearly describes what happened in the constellation Wolf supernova 1 May 1006. Continue reading “Discovered text of Avicenna observing supernova”

Planet X will destroy the solar system

X planetAstronomers from Spain and the UK accused the destruction of Planet X in the solar system. This means that some large celestial bodies as a result of its gravitational influence will leave the planetary system.

Scientists, using the known constraints on the Planet X, conducted computer simulations within the N-body problem. Continue reading “Planet X will destroy the solar system”

In the US state of California have been numerous cases of ground surface deformation

numerous cases Residents of San Francisco and Palm Springs was seriously frightened numerous deformations of the earth’s surface in various parts of the city located in the state of California. The local population is concerned that this may be a harbinger of an underground disaster.

It is worth noting that concerned not only the population, but this concern is shared by seismologists. California has never been a safe place. Not so long ago, April 18, 1906 in the San Francisco area, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale, which virtually erased the city to the ground. Now there is a likelihood of recurrence of those tragic events. Continue reading “In the US state of California have been numerous cases of ground surface deformation”

Inside cut tree trunk found a terrible monster

Ancient monsterTree loggers were horrified in freshly sawn trunk they found a live snake like creature terrifying sight. I saw cut down a tree, sawed and sawed him a monster and become part of the meandering crawl out of the core of a tree trunk.

In the video he captured the monster crawls out of the trunk, as well as frightened screams logger drank a tree, and this monster is also sawed in half!.

Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time

Changing the Earth's polesOnce cosmonaut VA Janibekov drew attention to the fact that the rotating nut in weightlessness makes the tumble at regular intervals. Researchers are interested in this phenomenon, believing that it will help shed on the mystery of one of the mysterious properties of our planet  the change of the magnetic poles.

However, in contrast to the nut in effect Dzhanibekova, change the polarity of the Earth an irregular event. Between the poles shifts can pass, and a thousand and several hundred thousand years.

In recent years, geologists are increasingly talking about the fact that the movement of the planet’s magnetic field has reached an incredibly high speed – about 64 km / year. But at the beginning of the last century the rate of migration of the pole is 15 km / year. Continue reading “Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time”