World most mysterious disappearances in history

mysterious disappearances in history** Garigou Krikor

Garigou Born in Jerusalem December 20, 1947. In his student years, he migrated to the land of their ancestors in Yerevan, went to college and immersed in the study of ancient languages. And in 1972 he managed to get to France, where he stayed forever.

Krikor was a poet, but not memorable poems. Bohemia knew him as a fanatical collector: in addition to a huge number of paintings, he was the owner of one of the world’s largest collection of icons. For public Garigou was a generous patron of the arts (thanks to a huge state). And learned people thought he was a qualified art historian. In general, the audience loved it.

Even Soviet patriots and pioneers treated him leniently, despite the flight. After Basmadzhana opened at the Paris Boulevard Raspail Gallery Russian art and often gave the Soviet Union the masterpieces of Russian artists, which he bought at auction for serious money. Therefore, when the sultry summer of 1989 he disappeared, many of those who knew him, sounded the alarm.

In 1989, millionaire received another invitation from the Ministry of Culture of the USSR. At such a high level of planned transfer of 5 unique canvas Soviet Union.

July 27 Basmadzhana arrived in Moscow hotel Russia and began to prepare for official events. He still had time to catch up with old friends, what he was engaged. The 703rd luxury hotel room visited by the son of his old friend and his wife. They remembered the past, plan for the future … In the midst of the meeting Garigou caught himself. And muttering that he had a meeting with important people jumped out of the room.

This Basmadzhana not forget to reassure friends that it will not last long, and they can stay in the room and wait. Haykaz Kochar, the same guest, spent another through the eyes of the father from the window 703 th. He noted that the entrance is a suspicious character. After a moment, drove to the hotel beige Lada. Immediately I jumped out of the building collector. Another moment, and the car, juicy startanuv, dashed off into the distance. With it vanished and suspicious character. The man and his wife waited for a family friend until the evening, but Basmadzhana Krikor Garabed not returned.

The investigation involved the security services of different countries. Oddities case added a mysterious call on August 1, at the hotel Russia. An unidentified man asked the attendant whether Mr. profit Basmadzhana things. After receiving an affirmative answer, I asked incognito book 703rd number for the collector for another week.

Versions were many. Most popular – murder and kidnapping. While there was an investigation, it turned out that disappeared was not the respectable, as many believed. It turned out he was buying antiques in the USSR and illegally exported it to Europe. He was engaged in speculation and questionable financing organizations in their homeland, that did not like the Azerbaijani criminal world. Therefore, the most likely cause of his disappearance is considered kidnapping. It is true that the Mafia had a hand or the KGB – is unknown.

** Agatha Christie

As expected from the author of detective stories, Agatha Christie had his own secret. Her husband, Archie Christie was in the military. She adored him. And he, you scoundrel, to love another woman, and went away from his wife. The nerves of the writer, who recently experienced the death of his mother, did not survive. Kristen had a nervous breakdown, and doctors put her in the hospital, however, soon Agatha came to freedom on bail of some relatives.

Author of numerous ingenious plans naturally escaped. December 3, 1926 Agatha Christie disappeared on his car in an unknown direction. And I do not even brought along a dog that never left. The car found 14 miles from home. Everything pointed to the fact that there was a fierce fight in the cabin. Husband of the writer suspected of murder and arrested.

A few days the famous writer was looking for more than 500 people, but in vain. Most were convinced that she committed suicide. Her search takes even the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, his method probably would not approve of Sherlock Holmes. Writer Agatha Christie procured glove and went with her to the occultist. He assured that her mistress alive. But to determine the location could not. Still would.

December 14 she was discovered in a sanatorium in Harrougeyte. The investigation did not find out where she was. The very author also revealed the secret even in the 600-page autobiography. Doctors think that she does not know, because at the moment of loss was in the heat of passion.

** Sigismund

Sigismund Soviet pilot and one of the first heroes of the Soviet Union, was a participant and initiator of several super-long flight over the North Pole. Star of the Hero Levanevsky received as a member of the rescue of the crew of the steamer Chelyuskin. It is noteworthy that Levanevsky did not save a single person because of problems with the aircraft, however, Stalin personally wrote it on the list for the award. Since then, the reputation of Levanevskogo favorite leader, and all his life he tried not to disappoint him, making more and more exploits.

The idea of ​​super-long flights in those years, we are sorry for the pun, was in the air: France conceived the flight Paris – Khabarovsk, the Poles wanted to fly from Warsaw to Krasnoyarsk

In 1932, Andrei Tupolev developed an aircraft designed for long distances. He levanevsky immediately asked Stalin to give the nod to the flight Moscow – North Pole – San Francisco. In August 1935, a test flight in the direction of the ice continent. Sigismund was waiting for the failure: If necessary, planting his ANT-25 was burned.

After the accident, Stalin called all participants to his office with an explanation. This briefing Levanevsky arose, called designer ANT-25 Tupolev Andrei pest and accused that he specifically does such bad jets. From Tupolev surprises everyone’s eyes fell under the table. Designer fainted from fear.

Scandalous meeting does not put an end to the expedition. Moreover, the organizers were allowed to go to the US and look for capable of a plane flight. But the Yankees have nothing better turned out. As a result, the next attempt Levanevsky made on an experimental Soviet plane DB-1 (long-range bomber Academy). There was also rerouted. The pilot first had to fly to Alaska, and from there to go to New York. On board the plane were furs, caviar, some valuable painting as a gift to the US government and is rumored to have gold.

The flight was harsh. Over the Barents Sea was cloudy, the temperature is minus 35 and blowing a strong headwind. Landmarks pilots could not see, the cabin windows tightly covered with frost.

After passing through the pole Levanevsky reported that rejected the extreme right motor. Obledenevaem – sounded then. Descend … It’s all right, – was received the last message and exhaling Yakut station, reported the good news to the Kremlin. As it turned out – for good reason. More DB-1 on board the connection is not released.

According to one version, Levanevskogo managed to fly to the US poerezhya (local Eskimos heard a noise like the noise of motor boats). According to another – the plane off course and fell into the lake in Yakutia-Kuel himself, in 1982, an expedition by the newspaper Soviet Russia was held there.

** Richie Edwards

Guitarist Manic Street Preachers were to tip guitar creative and was a regular in the depression, and drug binge flying unicorns and sexy mermaid. So often I lost. That in a drinking bout, in a rehabilitation center, and even in the clinic.

But once he is gone for real. In 1995, before the grand tour in support of their new album, he and another member of the group threw a big party in a hotel room. At seven in the morning a little come to himself, Richie remembered some business, which immediately went on. With a friend arranged to meet at the airport. But it was not.

He checked out of the hotel in London, then saw him in his apartment in Cardiff (Wales), then at the bus station in Newport. February 14 was his name to rent a car, and on February 17 she was found abandoned near the bridge sauverny, which is a popular place for suicides. This does not prevent Richie fans believe that their idol was alive, just tired of Fame. However, after his disappearance glory group only multiply.

** Vladimir Alexandrov

Back in 1972, academician of the Computing Center of the USSR Nikita Moiseyev noticed a young scientist Vladimir Alexandrov and took patronage over it. And then he hung up on the problem, which at that time was considered not to be solved. Beginners had to deal with the idea of ​​modeling the dynamics of large atmospheric blocks. Instead, like many others, simply pretend that understands the topic Vladimir genuinely fired up. And so it has succeeded in resolving a deadlock problem that led the work on the modeling of global climatic effects of nuclear war. This brought him worldwide fame. The world knew him as the author of nuclear winter theory.

It was after his studies and computing the danger of nuclear weapons are no longer perceived by the world as, for example, the possible attack of the aliens, who are able to wipe out all life on Earth. Mankind saw clearly what would happen in the event of war between the USSR and the USA, which will grow into a nuclear catastrophe.

Union Government do not doubt the loyalty of the scientist, therefore, regularly approved of his trips to all sorts of international conferences, where Alexander uttered fiery and frightening speech. The big plus was the fact that he was a master of the English language (for some reason with a Texas accent). In 1983, he convinced the world that even the use of only 30% of the available at that time, nuclear weapons would put the life of all mankind under the big and bold question.

And it was very inconvenient nuclear powers. The defense ministers of these countries are actively urging countrymen that in the event of such a war, the world is not in danger. It is the same war, like any other, only slightly brighter and hotter. But unlike Alexandrov, they did not have any evidence, not even a theoretical calculations …

In 1985 Aleksandrov again sent on a mission over the hill. As always performed well at the conference in Cordoba in Spain, the scientist went to rest in the hotel. In just a few hours before departure to Moscow, he decided to take a stroll through the streets of Madrid and the sun was gone forever. How, where and why it was not possible to find out.

The story itself is very complicated. How could a prominent scientist associated with the nuclear theme disappear without a trace. Anyway to get out of the hotel without being accompanied by comrades from the KGB.

** Dorothy Arnold

Since the disappearance of the American socialite has been more than 100 years, and solve the mystery and failed. To find Dorothy Arnold did help neither money nor the hundreds of journalists who really loved her for regular information events or serious family ties.

Father was an American girl perfume magnate Francis Arnold. And he certainly was very proud little daughter. Because she loved to learn. She graduated from the prestigious college, and even mastered several languages. Not by secular it somehow … In addition, Dorothy was different from other secular bezdelnitsy decent behavior. No amorous intrigues girl does not allow (as it was thought to extinction), although it was in the most appropriate for this age. Future heiress million was 26 years old.

December 12 Dorothy woke up at 11 am. Quoting myself up, she came down the stairs from his room on the first level of a huge apartment in Manhattan. He warned the mother that he was going for a cocktail dress for an upcoming party with his sister Marjorie.

With a Dorothy was 61 dollars. Apparently the party for socialite was very important, if it had intended to spend on new clothes more than half of the monthly allowance. Father singled her 100 dollars, which at that time was very good.

On that day, she met with several friends. Then I take a stroll in a confectioner’s shop. After I went to the bookstore. He came out of it with the book Notes taken by a girl. Then I went to the travel agency, which asked about flights from America to Europe. Since then, it has not been seen.

Dorothy’s family called the police only six weeks after the disappearance. Prior to that, looking for the best female private detectives: they have been inspected hospitals, morgues and all the reservoirs of Central Park. Police were also instructed to find a certain man by the name of John Grisham. As it turned out, a month before the disappearance of Dorothy ran away from her parents in Philadelphia, where she lived for a week with a 40-year-old engineer John Griskomom. When the couple ran out of money, she laid in a pawnshop jewelry. This allowed police to enter the Griskoma. That at this time was in Italy. Relative Arnoldov went to his hotel and began to threaten, if John did not tell him where Dorothy. He said in response that Dorothy was depressed due to the fact. that several literary journals refused to publish her story. Griscom suggested. What she could commit suicide.

Then came two more versions. A: Dorothy slipped, fell and lost her memory. And another: socialite made an unsuccessful abortion, from which she died, and her body was buried (one ex-convict said that he was paid $ 150 for it, so he dug a grave in the basement of an apartment house and dripped in it the girl who looks like like Wanted to Rich Girl).

After the completion of the case, which does not end, it became known that his daughter Francis Arnold search cost 100 thousand dollars.

** Owen Parfitt

All my life sailor Owen Parfitt traveled the world, even visited the prisoner of the pirates. Because of what the home to his native village in Shepton Mallet returned with numerous wounds. Look after him took the elder sister Susanna. Yes, it was easy. 60-year-old former sailor most of the day spent in a wheelchair on the porch of the house. He loved to talk sincerely about his adventures.

June 7, 1763 was supposed to be the same boring and endless, like the previous few years. By the evening it became clear that the hurricane is going. The sky clouded over and the wind carousing in earnest. Farmers are in a hurry to remove the hay and drive fussed chickens. They help children and wives. Sister Owen, looking out the window, put down the knitting, and went to his brother to carry him into the house. Independently of this woman was not able to. Coping with this company has always helped her neighbor, for which she went. The old man shouted after her, not to hurry. He wanted to catch the rain.

When women are talking, went to the house, they clearly saw a man in a wheelchair on the porch. At some point, they got carried away and turned to each other, we stopped. When old ladies continued their way, we noticed with surprise that the porch is just an empty wheelchair, from which hung an overcoat armrest Owen.

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