The Sumerians and extraterrestrials

24 Mar

Sumerians The texts of the ancient Sumerians, there is evidence that the Sumerians had contact with aliens, who came to earth in the second half of the 4th millennium BC to Niebuhr planet. Judging by the descriptions, this planet has a highly elongated orbit, and once in 3600 years takes place in the solar system.

Archaeologists and linguists in the second half of the XX century made the discovery, which allow revising the history of the Earth and the ancient civilizations.

After studying thousands of texts and astronomical observations of the ancient Sumerian state, scientists were able to obtain information about the sensational alien intervention in human development and impact on the evolution and culture of primitive peoples.

Sumerian texts

According to ancient Sumerian texts, the messengers of another civilization came to the planet, which orbits its star system in a very elongated orbit, and passes close to the solar system every 3,600 years. Culture and Science alien influence on mankind for the past several hundred thousand years.

And it is thanks to them that mankind owes its appearance on Earth. A specialist in the study of ancient texts of the Sumerian civilization of Babylon and ancient Egypt, which for 30 years has studied and summarized all these sensational information. In the Sumerian explains that, as the gods came down to his chariot of fire, and could fly to any point of the earth for a short time, and could fly to the stars.

They sometimes took with them favorites among the people and showed them our Earth from the top of the space, and sometimes took them to his home planet. There is a description of how a Sumerian ruler Gudea, God appeared in a golden helmet on black bird and gave the order to begin construction of facilities for it. After the completion of the other gods guarding the building, so that mere mortals do not fall under a stream of fire during takeoff and landing of this bird.

Secrets of Sumerian

Black Bird from the Sumerians called – MU. Ruler of the Sumerian city Broadsword, the following entry was made: MU, took off into the sky like lightning, and like a huge fire went up into the sky. In the images on the Sumerian and Hittite tablets seen as objects, similar to modern space rockets, launchers stand on platforms, as well as shown in flight on a background of stars. These figures were even on the seals of the rulers of Crete. During the excavation of ancient Canaan, near Jerusalem, they found a sign with a picture of a large rocket, next to which the symbols of the moon are shown and some constellations.

In one particular Egyptian temple worshiped object in the form of a pyramid, which was called Bin-bin. By giving it arrived gods, who were the gods of the lower castes. They gave them the order in the world, as well as where it was necessary to build a platform for their spaceships. Ships Nephilim ancient peoples of Babylon.

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