The most mysterious ancient magical artifacts

28 Mar

ancient magical artifactsIt is known that in ancient times people believed in magic, it was just a part of their lives and helped to answer many questions with a lack of knowledge about the world. Not surprisingly, today, archaeologists found many artifacts related to ancient epochs and obviously used for magical purposes. However, their specific purpose is not always clear.

Coptic Code

This 20-page manuscript, set out on parchment, is the proud title of Guide to the Coptic. Supernatural ritual power. Her age 1300 years of specialists from Macquarie University (Australia) managed to decipher the text of the Code was found that it contains 27 spells for all occasions Most likely, it was assumed that the owner will wear.

The book mentions Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, and even Jesus. On this basis, the experts concluded that the Code was drawn up in about the seventh century AD, the representatives of the so-called sect sifian – mystics who are considered to be one of the heresies of Christianity.

Egyptian Ushabti

Probably all you heard of voodoo magic that is practiced in Africa and Haiti. Voodoo dolls are made by a small image of a person, who want to restore the spell – for example, to curse or enchant.

But few know that this cult originated in ancient Egypt. The rich ancient Egyptian tombs are small dolls. It Ushabti that were used, however, not only for the magical effects, but with a different purpose.

The fact that, according to the beliefs of the Egyptians, Osiris, the god of death of the deceased used for various works in the afterlife. The rich do not want to work after the death, and therefore went to another world in there were usually as many days in a year. Those allegedly had a duty to serve for their masters.

Paphos amulet

Cyprus Paphos is considered the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Recently, on its territory found a clay amulet age of fifteen hundred years, the size of a coin. On one side of the amulet depicts the Greek palindrome, and on the other – a scene from mythology. Palindrome meaning is: Yahweh – carrier of a secret name, and the lion Ra keeps him in his temple. However, the appointment of the little things we can only guess.

Silver Scroll Jerash

In 2014, in the ruins of the house in the city of Jerash in the north of Jordan found an amulet, inside which lay a thin silver plate with the text. Alas, as the plates were very fragile, it was impossible to open them without damaging.

However, experts have managed to read is inside the text using the method of three-dimensional modeling. However, thus able to reconstruct all of the first 17 rows. It was in them about a nameless sorcerer, arrived in the city about 1,300 years ago. Apparently, he was called to the residents themselves; wanting sorcerer helped them in some kind of problem.

This was followed by a spell, the first line of which was written in a language reminiscent of Greek and below the text was more similar to Arabic.

Mesoamerican mirror

In Arizona, during the excavation of ancient tombs in areas, more than 50 of the ornate mirrors of pyrite 1000-year-old were found. At that time, the production of mirrors was very time-consuming: the manufacture of a small hand mirror could take up to 5 months.

Since pyrite deposits in Arizona are not available, the researchers suggest that the mirrors were brought from Mesoamerica, where appropriate worship was common among the Indians – the indigenous people believed that the subject is conductor in other worlds.

A European colonist in the last millennium has been, in all probability, a prosperous city, which is home to many members of the elite. They could afford to buy a mirror, which were obviously related to the funeral cult.

Golden spirals Zealand

On the Danish island of Zealand it was found about 2,000 tiny golden spirals. They dated 900-700 years BC.

According to researchers, the production of such coils could be connected with the cult of the sun. By the way, in the Bronze Age gold was considered the embodiment of the sun on earth. It is possible that the spiral decorated clothing of priests.

Protective symbols Tower

Tower – one of the biggest attractions of London. At different times the fortress, built in 1066 by William the First, was the royal palace, a repository of value, weapon arsenal, mint, and finally prison.

Archaeologists from the Museum of London counted on the territory of the Tower 54 black vertical character height of 3 to 7 centimeters. There is no doubt that they served as a magical protection against a variety of risks, including evil spirits. Among them are images similar to the grid, which is believed to experts, represented a trap for the demons.

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