Search of gold the Americans decided to drill in the area of dangerous volcano

Search GoldIn the pursuit of profit the Americans decided to pull characteristic mustache and drill more than 60 wells for the exploration of gold and silver near Mount St. Helens. Volcanologist shocked, because this volcano is considered to be extremely dangerous and its last eruption in 1980 was considered the largest in US history.

Then the eruption killed more than 60 people, but the story is apparently learned nothing.

Volcano and is now showing signs of volcanic activity, but the company Ascot USA, Inc., is not going to give up on exploratory drilling plans.

Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington at the request of the public and scientists wrote a request to the forestry office of America, which set out the concerns about the consequences of thoughtless actions of businessmen. In addition, they are going to drill effects and risks of the volcano, so in addition, these lands are considered natural reserves.

Volcanologists say that the magma chamber size it is not known exactly, but those who already have the information, they say that there is huge magma pocket and above all it is connected with active volcanoes Adams and Indian Haven. The eruption caused by drilling in a hazardous area can cause an explosion is not one but three volcanoes.

But while all the arguments and warnings do not stop the company and it is already in the preparatory work for drilling.

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